Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Dare

Having just submitted a maa-hoo-sive manuscript, I am so far behind with the Xmas prep stuff that I contemplated daring myself to see how close to the Big Day I could get without actually buying any gifts.

Obviously I'm not going to do that, and I would be running around buying things right now - if I had a clue what to get. The Queenager hasn't really asked for anything except ear-rings, and much as it would solve a problem, I can't really get her fifteen pairs. The Little Guy has instructed me on one Wii Skylander-ish thing, which is the only present I have purchased to date. And that took a few trips back to the store until I got the right bits and pieces. Honestly, when did kids' toys become so complicated? The first time I attempted to buy the stuff I was informed that it "depends what he's already got". Oh, says I, and went back home to have a look. I couldn't even pronounce half of the names of the various characters so I just took a photo and went back for more advice. Sigh. I have kept the receipt for the inevitable return trip.

The Man-Child is surprisingly the easiest one to buy for this year as he's already got his BIG present. I bought him a Green Day concert ticket as soon as they came out in September. Given that the lead singer, Billy Joe what's-his-face, is currently in rehab, the 2013 concert tour looks a little iffy at the moment, so we may be getting a refund. I'm sure however, the Man-Child will be able to think of something fairly easily. He always seems to have a bit of a wish-list going.

The Ball & Chain as always, is the hardest as he's one of those people who buys what he needs when he needs it. None of that "Oh I'll ask for it for Christmas" malarkey, which is actually a kindness to others in my opinion. I usually end up buying him novelty gifts which never see the light of day. In fact, there's a whole stash of them from years past secreted in his closet; I should just pull a few down and re-wrap them. He'll never know.

In fact, I might even dare myself to do just that.....


  1. I double-dog dare you to do that! Why? Mainly because I have the same problem with my husband.

  2. I agree with you. It's a public service when people "save up" things they need, for a Christmas list.

    I'm sure you'll find stuff. Good luck!

  3. Nothing like the adrenaline rush from running about like a lunatic on 23 Dec frantically buying gifts. Really brings home the holiday spirit--go for it ;)

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  5. You know my tactic. Send the kids into Walmart with a budget and see what they come out with. Job done and it is an highly entertaining afternoon activity for you. x

  6. I seem to have bought clothes for everyone, despite the fact that we do buy clothes all year long. I'm keeping all the receipts.


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