Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Celebrity Hygiene Habits - Some, not so great

Naturally I was attracted to an article entitled 9 Celebrity Confessions of Poor Hygiene (with photos). I mean who doesn't want to read something about gorgeous celebrities that makes us feel superior for a nanosecond?

Here's the scoop -

Snooki uses cat litter as an exfoliant. Clean cat litter, but cat litter nonetheless. Apparently she Googled it and..... Oh wait, you don't know who Snooki is? She's possibly the chaviest person on TV in the States and is one of the stars of Jersey Shore.

Then we have Megan Fox, who doesn't always flush the loo. (Megan Fox is apparently a model/actress). Now, while I am always grossed out by a non-flushed loo, (which, alas, is a fairly frequent occurrence chez moi), this one was interesting because I learnt yet another new American phrase. Her equally grossed out friends apparently accuse her of "pinching a loaf" in their toilets and not flushing. One of its milder meanings is to "take a dump" but I'll leave you to read the alternate meanings if you don't mind.  I'm still trying to figure out how you get from the words pinching and loaf, to doing a number two.

Jessica Simpson leaves me slightly gob-smacked as she doesn't clean her teeth - because she doesn't like them feeling slippery. At best, she wipes them on her shirt. I know. Eeeuuuuwww.  Hello Jess, "slippery" means clean. Have you ever tried one of those Sonicare electric toothbrushes? Your teeth are smoother than a baby's botty, and you'll probably find there's less gingivitis and root canals down the road. (I think this one wins the grossness award so far.)

Brad Pitt is on the list, but quite frankly, I can't find a thing wrong with his supposedly poor hygiene habit. Baby wipes. What's not to like? Apparently he uses them if he's sweating and doesn't have time to take a shower. I suppose if you're filming under those hot lights or schlepping all them kids through airports, this is a feasible situation to find yourself in. I myself have been known to whip out the odd baby wipe and use it for things other than cleaning baby bottoms. In fact, my youngest is now 9 and I still have baby wipes in the downstairs loo and a small packet in my bag.

Who knew Brad reads the parenting web sites. Here's a handfull of things you can do with baby wipes.


  1. 'Pinching a loaf'?? Really??!! Wow, that's a gross phrase and a half! I agree re Brad, I really have no issue with his use of baby wipes, but I still can't get over that ridiculous Chanel advert!!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, so sorry it got diverted to spam - it's my pet hate when I've just spent time typing out a comment!! I've released it and set it free amongst all the other comments on the blog.

    Luci x

  2. There's nothing wrong with baby wipes I'm forvere taking then with me even when I don't have the children in tow.

  3. Suffering God, filthy lot, what would their mothers say?

    ps I still buy baby wipes and my youngest is 16, obvioulsy I have no idea how that happened as I am clearly still 29, ahem....

  4. Maybe I should be on the list as I still use baby wipes for all manner of things and they are so useful.

    Non flushing of toilets by adults is a filthy habit, especially after number twos. Maybe they think the dump could be sold on ebay! Most have super egos!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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