Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Clangers

By clangers, I mean things that have gone wrong.

Not these Clangers:

You have to be pretty old to have watched these on the telly.

Anyway, clangers such as not being able to finish the sweater I was knitting for the Queenager. I thought she might notice if I sat there with a stripey sweater on my lap, but she's walked into the bedroom a few times and it's hanging over a chair. (If you're reading this, you can have it when I have a chance to stitch it up. It's a bit of a faff.)

...the roof deck sliding doors deciding to spring a leak, collect rain in the sliders and spread it to the ceiling below. Not what you want a few days before Christmas. 

... A UPS package (Christmas present of course) going missing. When I finally got through to a real live customer support person, all she was able to tell me was exactly what I could find out on my own using my tracking number and their web site. About as much use as a plastic teapot. Sigh. (The trick, if you need to know, in getting through to a live person instead of the robot person, is to say your tracking number in such a terribly English accent that said robot gives up and puts you through to a human. - Only works in the USA though.)

Update on the UPS saga - despite paying for 2-day delivery, it didn't arrive on time so I had to spend another $5 to have it held till we get back from skiing. What a nice little money-maker that is.

On a positive note, the Queenager and I wee upgraded to first class for our flight to Denver. Rarely happens when we travel as a family of five!

Y'all have a lovely Christmas! 


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Once tomorrow actually gets here you will forget about all that's gone wrong....well, not really, but still.

  2. It's too late to wish you a merry Christmas now, but I hope it was nice. Take care.

  3. Merry Christmas! We've had delivery issues here as well, with packages being held for import fees (!). Ah well, in the end it was all lovely and we had a great Christmas. Happy new year.


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