Friday, 31 May 2013

American Mom, Part 2

American schools are either out for the summer (I know) or coming to a close in the next few days. And throughout the nation, moms everywhere, instead of breathing a sigh of relief, are tearing their hair out. It's a crazy time of year. Read possibly the funniest post you'll ever read on the subject right here. It has gone viral because so many people can relate.

In this household, the-end-of-year crazy is compounded by the Little Guy insisting on us 'Doing something for his birthday". Sigh. Today he took in a birthday snack, and even though we have two fabulous cupcake stores on our doorstep, he insisted on home made goodies. Individual apple and berry crumbles, to be exact. So there's me racing around yesterday buying a wheelbarrow load of fruit, ten pounds of sugar, and small plastic bowls and spoons for serving. Mom of the year, except for the fact that she forgot to buy anything for dinner and more importantly, actual birthday presents. (Don't worry, I have till Sunday.)

Fortunately he's now cool with the idea of doing a belated party after the summer, when fewer of his gift givers friends will be otherwise engaged. I will manage to squirrel away a few presents, which might or might not be wrapped at about 2am the morning of his birthday when I leap out of bed and remember my omission, so to speak.

The other factor which makes my end-of-year even crazier is that we're taking off for the motherland a day after school's out. Have I started packing? Of course not. Have I made a list? Well, kind of. It goes something like -

Me - buy t-shirts when I get to England. Ditto new sandals. (Do not have time to shop before that.)
Little Guy - buy a couple of pairs of long trousers at Asda.
Punk rocker - buy an entire new wardrobe of punk stuff - if he has his way.

This weekend (four days before school ends) we have a Battle of the Bands on Saturday, a birthday on Sunday and Peruvian snacks to find for Monday. (Don't ask.) And mustn't forget to pick up the prom corsage.

Can't wait for summer when I can have a lie down.


  1. You have my sympathies. I remember those days, oh, so well!

  2. I rarely have time to shop for me. Fortunately I like Tshirts from Lands End & Coldwater Creek, and have discovered that although they might not always be cheap, if I stick to brands I know fit me well, I can usually get sandals I'm happy with from Zappos.

  3. I clicked through to the original post: very funny!
    Hope Little Guy has a great birthday and your culinary creations turned out delicious x


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