Thursday, 30 May 2013

Being an American Mom

Yes, I've finally gone native. I'm in the middle of ordering a wrist corsage for my son's prom date. It would help if I knew what she was wearing so I think I'll go with white; at least that will match his jacket.

But no, he's not wearing white tie like one might infer. He's going more for this look, only with a thin white tie.

I am in the middle of trying to convince him that at least a new pair of Converse shoes might be nice,

but he says it's taken him a whole year to get the present ones into a suitably distressed (ie. holey) condition. Sigh...

Rock 'n roll!


  1. Ah yes...prom season is upon us. Unfortunately, mine absolutely refused to attend his prom so I didn't get the honor of shopping for the corsage.

  2. Those converse are tough to break in. It does take a year.

  3. I remember those days well having lived through them with my two teenagers. Enjoy the times. They will go by quickly. Don't sweat the small stuff.

  4. I love seeing all the signs in shops at the moment for Prom. Makes me think of all those movies I watched as a teenager...

  5. Prom season--one of the things I enjoy not having over here ;) Good luck with it!

  6. Too funny. I went through this a couple of weeks ago with my son. The exact same scenario. He was shocked that I wanted to know the colour of his dates dress and did not see the importance of this for the corsage. We went with white and we had the same conversation about his converse shoes. I gave up and decided to save the money since he was not interested in a new pair...weird. My daughter would have never passed up getting anything new. Boys at that age are funny.


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