Friday, May 10, 2013

Famous people who look like me - Part 2

You may have read the post I wrote about all the different people I'm supposed to look like. Laura Dern and Bonnie Tyler were the two featured in that post.

Now that I have a very new photo of my good self -

I'll give you some more famous people who are supposed to look like me. Or vice versa.

The first woman is quite a lot oder than me but I won't feel at all insulted since she's rarely seen these days. It's Chris McVie from Fleetwood Mac.

(I wonder if it's 'cause she's holding a fag and a beer.)

And the other one that people give me from time to time is JK Rowling. 

(Wish I had her money.)

Personally I think it's just 'cause of the hair.


  1. Funny - when I clicked in I thought it was a pic of laura Dern. I love all these woman, how great that you look like them. I've never been told I look like anyone except when Tallulah pointed to a old socialite in a magazine, with fag in hand and sucking down some cocktails. She looked the worse for wear and sadly I did look a bit like her. (wish I had her money)

  2. ALW - You have your own look - and it's always fab!

  3. I must admit... J.K. Rowling DOES look like you.

  4. Love this. But you must add Rachel Johnson to the list! PS - been thinking of you. My daughter is Cheryl Cole in her drama club, and she does a pretty good accent!

  5. The resemblance to JK is remarkable; strange I never noticed that before.

  6. Hahaha. Bet Cheryl Cole and 'have been thinking of you' has not before mentioned in one and the same paragraph. You should start a series of blog posts called 'Famous people that sound like me'.

  7. I like the fact that you've title this "Famous people who look like me" and not "Famous people who I look like". Definitely the right way round.

  8. Yeah........ there is a likeness!
    Lucky you!

    Nuts in May


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