Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Crime Most Fowl

Hello everyone.  This isn't your usual Expat Mum post, because this isn't really the Expat Mum.  This is the Man-Child, or whatever she's taken to calling me these days.  It's currently in the wee hours, and I've put my expert hacking skills to good(?) use and gained control of my mother's blog to spread the truth about her oppressive regime of terror.
...Actually that's not true.  Not only does she not run the house as a British-born Stalin, but I really don't have much to complain about (as much as my mother's blog will attempt to convince you otherwise).  I'm actually not here to say anything really, I'm only doing this so the family will have something to talk about over dinner for the next couple of weeks.  Also, I'm bored stiff and I'm slowly becoming nocturnal because of the summer, so I can't sleep.
I look forward to being present in many more blog posts to come, and also the inevitable 'what-the-heck-did-you-write-on-my-blog' conversation tomorrow when I wake up around lunch time tomorrow. Hopefully my mom will read the whole post first.  It's either that, or she reads the title and grounds me until my hair turns gray.
Until next time, cheerio :)
(P.S.  Mom, I emptied the dishwasher and pretty much completed the Common App.  I left a note on the kitchen counter but I'm not sure if Dad will move it or not when he wakes up.)


  1. Man-Child - what, no suggestions for a new nickname for yourself?

  2. Sigh - I just hope your spelling is better on the application than here. It's "foul".

  3. Yes, I was going to point out the "fowl" thing!

    Great post, though.

  4. I love this and am waiting until my boys are old enough to do similar!

  5. This post just made my day!

  6. I honestly thought this post was gong to be about a chicken ;)

  7. Hilarious. Toni, I'd say you've got a security issue here.

  8. Love this! And the spelling mistake, just to embarrass you further!


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