Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Camp Aftermath

Well, as I said, we picked the Little Guy up from camp on Saturday. He had the time of his life. "Best week ever".

First thing I noticed were all the bites on his arms - which he said he woke up with! Argh! His sheets and pillow (which you are required to provide) went from the car to the trash/bin without even entering the house. He had packed them in his backpack/rucksack rather than in his roller bag, thank god, meaning that I didn't really have to contemplate chucking everything out, but the backpack went out too! (Another thing to add to the back-to-school list.)

I don't know whether it's a big thing where you live, but bed bugs are becoming an urban blight and are extremely difficult to get rid of. I think I'd rather deal with head lice. I have been lying in bed scratching for the last few nights. Shudder.

About four days after he'd been back I found his toiletry bag - untouched. The soap hadn't been opened, and the seal on the shampoo bottle was still intact. Turns out he had ONE shower in the whole week! Argh. He's a smelly, sweaty ten year old - and he'd been swimming in a lake every day. No wonder his towels stank!

I also found the stamps and envelopes he'd accused me of forgetting, together with insect repellant that he said he wished he'd known about. Erm, what part of "Look - here's everything I'm packing for you" did you actually listen to, young man?

We also are now the proud owners of a very nice Nirvana t-shirt which would fit his dad! I have written to camp but they are overwhelmed with all the "Lost and Found" as it is, so they said I could keep it. The Ball & Chain will be thrilled!


  1. Yup, sounds about right from what I hear. Little boy goes to camp and comes back stinky and covered in bites; but he had a wonderful time - so there's that.

  2. Sounds like he had a good time!

    I once wrote an article on bedbugs for a local magazine, so I know more about them than I need to (at least, more than I HOPE I need to).

    The best fact about them is that the bites tend to be in threes. No-one knows why. The best suggestion that anyone on the case has come up with is: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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