Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I thought it was normal. I thought everyone else could hear the same stuff I do. The loud click every time I swallow and the constant ringing in the ears. It's like I've been to a Motorhead concert every night and it's worse when it's really quiet, if you get my meaning. Unlike everyone else, reading a book in the still of the day for me is deafening!

And now two of my kids are complaining about it. I have been advised to take them to Ear, Nose and Throat (which is obviously a hospital department here and not the name of a trendy brasserie), but really - everyone knows there's no cure for it. I actually bought some homeopathic ear drops, but then saw the warning on the side against using it before speaking to a doctor. Obviously I"m not going to pour anything into my ear that comes with a warning.

Apparently it runs in families, and so far I know one cousin who has it too. My mother doesn't have ringing in her ears but she hears a whoosh in her head with every heart beat. That might be even more annoying that the ringing and the clicking, but at least it keeps you up to date on your mortality!

Anyone else get anything like this? More importantly, anyone know of a cure?


  1. Yup, have had tinnitus for years - I think it developed after I went to a gig at the City Hall in Newcastle when I was a teenager and stood too near the speakers. I'm used to it now so I must have a method of blocking it out most of the time. However, when I have a cold and my ears are affected, the noise is far more noticeable.

  2. This sounds very familiar; I've had this all my life, including the click. No cure that I know of. It's just such a part of me that I don't notice it, and I think I would freak out if I suddenly heard real, actual, total silence--what does that sound like, anyway?

    So, short answer: you are not alone, there is no cure that I know of, but you get used to it.

  3. I am certainly used to it, but the kids are going mad. And only two of them too! Always the same two with the same things going on. Ha.

  4. I didn't think I suffered from that, but now it's quiet, and I'm reading your post... what is that humming in the background?

  5. Loud music can be one of the causes - or a brain tumor - but it's unlikely that all 3 of you have a brain tumor (tho those can have a genetic cause too . . .)
    My hubby has tinnitus as the main symptom of Menière's disease. He keeps his ringing noises at bay with diuretics and a low-sodium, low-caffeine diet.


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