Monday, November 11, 2013

Alone Again - Naturally…..

You have to be "of an age" to even get the reference in the title, and for those who are - no I'm not getting divorced nor am I chucking myself off a tower. (Sorry - didn't realize the lyrics were quite so glum.)

However, as I mentioned earlier, I am spending four days this week totally on my own. No one else in the house except the dog. The boys are on a school trip and the Ball & Chain is in New York, Houston, Boston out of town. (I used to need to know but with the onslaught of cell phones, well, why bother keeping track?)

And what are my plans? A mani-pedi, as they call them? A full body seaweed and something-else-gross body wrap? Did I put the word out that I didn't have to get up in the morning so was available for evening plans that might involve staying out after 9pm?

Can I get a YES?

Actually, it's a NO.

I toyed with the idea of traveling with the B&C since his hotel (wherever it is) is already booked. I really did. And then the house started doing my head in. Too much stuff. In the wrong places.

So I will be making my way through every closet in the house, bin/trash bag in hand, tossing stuff, with no one behind me saying "Nooooo, you can't throw that out." Actually in my house it's usually the other way round - the kids tossing anything and everything onto a pile with me saying "What? You've never even worn that."

It's a little discombobulating this being on my own lark though. It's not even 9am on the first morning and already the knowledge that I can work out at 2.45pm without having to worry about the 3pm school pick-up, throws me off kilter. What will happen at 5pm when I would normally be walking the Little Guy to his piano lesson? I might just have to go out and hang with the teacher anyway.

One thing I do know - if I wake up at 7am tomorrow morning I won't be too thrilled!


  1. Hope you enjoy your time home alone, whatever you decide to do or not do!!

  2. I am SO jealous! I definitely need some alone time at home because I have SO much I need to do (and not enough time to do it). Hubby just spent a week at home alone - what did he accomplish, you ask? Not a damn thing. *sigh*

  3. It sounds like pure bliss! I would kill for time on my own. Gilbert O'Sullivan this is not :)


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