Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Middle-Aged Pleasures

No, not that kind of post……

Anyway, where was I? Yes, (straightening out frock and hair), I was reading Anna Tims' blog. (Ok, now how do you say that? "Tims" or "Timzuz"?) - Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron, and decided to spring-board off it (as I do from time to time). I came across her via a comment she left at the Iota Quota, which is another blog to be read frequently. 

Anna talks about the "shrunken horizons" of middle-age, but I'm questioning that (in the nicest possible way). Talking about her deferred wedding anniversary, her treat, , was to "walk hand-in-hand to watch the re-opening of the local Co-Op." And goes on,  "I've since found daily joy in browsing the soups in the edgily re-ordered aisles, while the adrenalin that spurs me through each week is supplied by bellowing Gracie Fields songs with the Mothers Union singing group. Conjugal bliss, last night, was watching the last episode of Downton Abbey with a block of cheddar (we'd missed the original airing because it finished after our 10pm bedtime)."

Oh come on. You're doing yourself a huge injustice Anna. (Hope it's OK, calling you Anna. I don't even know you.) But really, first of all, when we were dating "the one", didn't we all dream of such intimacy and comfortableness (if that's a word) in each other's presence? No more meeting in pubs, going on dates etc. An episode of anything on the telly with a block of cheddar, and the wine of course, would have been perfect. And the 10pm bedtime, well… 

But, digging a little deeper, if I may - I contest the "shrunken horizons" metaphor because - for the most part, it's what we want. Speaking for myself, I don't want to go out every night. I don't even want to go out one night during the week (aka a "school night"). While it was OK to be tired and/or slightly hung over in the office, you just can't do that when you're being a parent. OK, we can get away with it a little at the weekends as long as you tag in and out. The Ball & Chain was fab about getting up for 6am, as long as he could go back to bed at 9am! 

I have many middle-age pleasures:-

- Not going out much during the day. At my age remember, most mothers don't have a ten year old. They're not over-seeing homework, piano practice, teeth brushing etc., and they don't have to get up and bark orders at small people. I love the peace and quiet. 

- Not following fashion. OK, that's probably because of #1 - if you don't go anywhere, you tend not to need too many outfits. I haven't sunk so low as to wear sweats all the time and when I wear work out clothes, it's because I'm jumping on the treadmill.  

I realize that my middle-age is slightly different from my peers because of said small child, but anyway ….

What are your middle-aged pleasures? (And is it "middle-age" or "middle-aged"?)


  1. Dressing as sexy as I want, because who us going to stop me?

  2. I think part of it is that we appreciate things so much more. I used to have a long hot bath before bed most evenings. Now I absolutely look on that as a treat.

    Similarly, when I went out for dinner the other night, it was the week-end, and I made sure I had a good hour to get ready. It felt like absolute decadence. Normally, 20 mins would be what I'd reckon on. But when I was single and in my 20s, I would never have dreamed of allowing a mere 20 minutes. The result - I revelled in the sheer luxury of getting ready in slow time for a night out.

  3. You make my blog sound like medicine "to be taken as needed..."!

  4. And I think it would be Timzuz.

  5. Yes to all the above. Also at the grand old age of 51 nearly 52 I really don't give a rat's a....what a lot of people think of me. Plus I used to always invite loads of people to things we had at our house and now I've whittled everyone down. Might be laziness or epiphany, who knows

  6. Iota - Most doctors would definitely recommend a read!


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