Friday, November 15, 2013

My Canine Hero(ine)

So I was talking about the dog and how lonely she was without the men of the house. (See previous post and pathetic photo.)

Well, the last night I was on my own she came to my rescue. Or rather - 5.30 in the morning.

Here in the city, people get the bus/train to work rather than pulling out of garages and driveways like you see in the movies and on the telly. If they drive to work, many have parked on the street and have to walk a bit to get their car. (A huge pain in the winter as this means digging it out of the snow.) Anyway, this translates to activity in the street, often very early - by my standards at least -, and when you have a dog that sleeps at the bottom of the stairs it can also lead to a bark or two.

I mean god forbid anyone should walk down the street. Right in front of our house. The nerve!

So I'm used to hearing the odd yip around 5.30 and 6 in the morning right? Only this time is was a loud bark followed by her wolf-style howling. And it didn't stop. I got out of bed and went out onto the landing, only to hear that she was barking at the back door. Bloody hell! (Bear in mind it's still pitch black at this time.)

So I ran to the Little Guy's bedroom, looked out the window to see one silhouetted figure in my back garden. Argh. Instinctively I began banging on the window (which is three floors up so I was pretty safe, I thought.) The figure leapt the fence and ran, then another figure appeared and did likewise. I had no idea if there were any other figures on my property, but the fact that they jumped into a car and drove off (fairly leisurely I might add) made me think they'd all gone.

As you can imagine I was rattled though. And a bit worried since the dog had stopped barking very suddenly. Was someone in the house? Had they either thrown her a steak or bashed her over the head? (She's not a big eater so it would probably have been the bash-over-the-head that would quieten her.) Gulp.

Shaking, I went back to the window. No activity. I have ears like a bat so I stood at the top of the stairs but all I could hear was my panting and the heating that had just clicked on. Bother! I did notice that the alarm was still on and activated, which obviously meant no one had entered the house. No way was I going downstairs until it was light though.

So I phoned the Ball & Chain who was out of town (natch) and in a time zone an hour ahead of me. I almost vomited when I picked the phone up and the line was dead. (Seriously.) Wasn't this what they did in the thriller movies? Why are they picking on my house? We don't have much of value. Hell, half of our TVs don't even work properly. Then I remembered that it's such a cheap phone it sometimes sticks. A quick fiddle and I had a dial tone. B&C (who didn't pick up the first time, I might add)  suggested that I call the non-emergency police. I mean, once the burglars have left the scene it's a bit pointless making a fuss. So I did, and they put me through to 911/999. I think I woke the operator up, but he said he would send someone round anyway. I'm still waiting…… . (Another reason not to bother phoning the police.)

When I finally came downstairs, the poor dog was still standing at the back door on full alert. She stayed outside (in pretty frigid temps) for most of the day between huge adrenalin-caused naps.

But I say she's a keeper!

PS. On later inspection of property, it appears they were trying to get into the garage as they were trying to kick the door open. They failed, but only because the dog heard them. They've made a right mess of the lock and the door frame though. Grrr.

But the biggest question - Who tries to steal stuff at 5.30 in the morning? Aren't they supposed to be operating in the earlier hours when we're all in deep REM sleep? And who continues with their efforts when there's a dog doing its nut? It's a wonder they got back over the fence in one piece really.


  1. OMG my heart is beating a thousand miles an hour for you. Well done to doggy for scaring them off and protecting you. I hope that you manage to get the damage sorted out and that nothing else horrid happens. Take care and look after yourself and doggy. You are right, she is a keeper. I hope that B&C is back soon to be with you. xx

  2. Oh jeez! This is my worst nightmare. And I don't have a dog to alert me to the possibility that someone could actually be out there!

    Yes, she is a hero. And I'm so glad you are okay.

  3. Now I am more than sure that I will always have a dog :)

  4. Happy to read you are fine! What a champ she is, protecting the only member of her pack she had left (at the time)! She looks quite pleased with herself in the latest photo. The comfort of having an animal around, with its superior senses and furry warmth, is immeasurable.

    Reminds me, though, when we lived in central Denver, that the only houses which were rarely — if ever — burgled were those with dogs (including ours). The police are well aware of this correlation.

    Houses immediately next door to us were broken into, but our big, loud, lovable woof dog kept the bad guys away.

    They can also keep away the monsters under the bed. ;-)

  5. Love your comment about fetching the door! Yes, what a mental image.


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