Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Never Wash Your Jeans?

That's right. Apparently the CEO of Levi Strauss says you should never wash your jeans.  He said this while he was wearing a pair of jeans he'd had for a year and they hadn't been washed. Eeuuwww. Hopefully he doesn't wear them every single day.

Now, I'm definitely someone who washes things as little as possible. Washing, while getting things clean, also wears your clothes out, so if they aren't dirty and they don't smell, I don't wash 'em. But NEVER? No.

And clearly the guy isn't dealing with kids or animals on a regular basis. Most parents of small kids walk around with goodness knows what stuck to their jeans, hand prints on the thigh, - you know what I'm talking about. When I come in the front door, even if I've only been out for a minute, the dog greets me like some long lost wanderer and paws me on the calf - even if she's been digging in the back garden. Much as I'd like to, there's no way I could wear my jeans for a year without introducing them to the washing machine. Sigh...

Interestingly though, there were some people on the news show that also rarely washed their jeans, so I could well be a lone voice in this crucial conversation.

What about you?


  1. Nope - I have to wash mine - if for nothing else then because mine have lycra in them and they stretch out. Washing & drying them gets them back into shape. But getting Hubby to part with his long enough to wash them is a job. His reasoning? "I'm trying to save you some laundry."

  2. The rule used to be: if the jeans stand up by themselves, it's time to get them washed!
    As for myself, I find unwashed clothes, and jeans that stand up by themselves, to be gross, but I have a hard time wresting them away from my teenage son to get his washed!

  3. And in another vein, my younger brother used to wash his favorite pair of jeans every other night or so during his high school years. Apparently they were the only pair which flattered his body sufficiently... And my mother wasn't about to wash them twice a week simply to suit his vanity.

    A friend of mine, in an effort to preserve the perfect fit of her jeans, had them dry cleaned instead of laundered.

    Punters' choice. Jeans seem to be one of those very personal things.

  4. I wash mine as little as I can get away with. When they start to pong, or become encrusted with bits of pastry or other cooking muck, they go in the machine

  5. I wash mine every few weeks maybe. Usually because they've got mud on them, or sticky bits from children's hands. I don't put them in the tumble dryer, though, as I once read that is really bad for them.

  6. I wash mine every couple of weeks I suppose. I keep trying to find another pair as good as the ones I am wearing so that I have two pairs on the go but despite buying the same make and size I always end up liking one pair more and so leaving the other pair to sit until pair number one start to fray away altogether.

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  8. I wash my jeans. Yes, I do.

    I never wash my underwear though. Do other people do that?

  9. Iota... cracking me up as usual.
    Most jeans don't want to be washed at least 3 months after you bought them. Which I blatantly ignore. I wash everything after it's worn once, excepting cashmere jumpers. Yes, there's a lot of laundry in this house...


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