Friday, 16 May 2014

Oh those teens...

Normally it's my ten year old (almost eleven, I beg your pardon) who comes out with the one-liners and the zingers. I should really do a post on them as they're hilarious.

The other day however, it was the teen's turn:-

Comes in from school, goes to kitchen, comes back upstairs (where I am but he doesn't know that). Let's out ENORMOUS burp.

Me - (Emerging from bedroom), "Oh my goodness!"

18 y/o "Ah, there you are. That was my mom locator."

Had to laugh.


  1. LOL! Sounds like our teens are one in the same as mine would say something similar.

  2. It was always a source of feeling inadequate as a child or teen that I couldn't burp to demand, whereas my brothers...

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