Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The School Year - So Far So Good

I realize I have totally jinxed things with that post title, but what the heck. Thinking positive, seeing the glass half full, and all that.

So, the Little Guy has been walking to and from school for almost a week with no mishaps. That's just as well really as most days he leaves his talk and text phone right here on the table next to me. On one of the rare occasions when he actually took his phone, he forgot to look at it before setting off at the end of the day. If he'd thought about it, he would have seen a text from me saying "It's pouring; I'll come with a coat." But instead, he walked home on one side of the road, while I ran in the rain on the other, his raincoat in hand. Completely missed each other. Fortunately he then butt-dialed me and we managed to have a conversation (after he'd figured out where the distance shouting of his name was coming from) about the fact that he was pretty much home, and drenched. Communication fail, from which we both shall learn.

The College Queen (new name) is now settled in to class after a serious mishap about which, I'm sure I"m not allowed to speak. (Involves one missing box, containing a third of her worldly possessions.) Lots of lessons to be learned from that mishap, the most important one being - do not rely on a Fed Ex delivery guy to correct a labeling error once he's back at the depot. Sigh. She's now sorted out all her classes and is very excited to have been invited to a class where Bob Woodward (the reporter who broke the Watergate scandal) will be speaking. What a great experience.

The Man-Child (who still desperately needs a new moniker) is taking a year off and still scaring the pants off me as he rides around the city in the dead of night, delivery cookies on a bicycle. We'll see how much fun it is in the dead of winter!

And me - I have managed to get myself dressed first thing, most mornings, and I've been working out a lot. My nails are very long, which is usually a sign of pregnancy or good health. I'm going with the "good health" option.


  1. My nails growing long is generally not a good sign, although I have so far avoided pregnancy.

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  3. I'm thinking the good health option...

    How about a new name for the Man-Child based around his job? Cookie Bike Man? Cookie Rider? Cookie Deliverer? Cookie Courier?

    I like College Queen.

  4. I am of the opinion, since I have a Man-Child of my own, that no new moniker is needed because - as we all know - ALL men are man-children. ;-)

  5. Great to hear what they are all up to and laughing at the phone/coat/rain palaver.
    Exciting for College Queen and her course - fantastic.

  6. Glad to have the catch up of the family news.
    Had to laugh at the raincoat incident. I don't think I'd have bothered. What a good mum you are.
    Youngsters are hopeless at communicating whatever their age.

    Well you never know about your nail condition!!!!!!
    Mine are pretty poor so I can't be pregnant! LOL!

    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Ha ha - I really hope you're pregnant and then you can call it Titus Americus. Poor daughter losing a box of valuables....how annoying but delighted she is happy apart from that. Lx


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