Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What This New School Year Brings

So - we're back at school and it's all very different.

For a start I now only have one child at school. That hit me when I was filling in the calendar. I used to have to write which grade each meeting was for. When you have three kids in the same school it gets very confusing, and during the first few weeks of a new school year, I was at school a lot. Now I can just write "Curriculum meeting, 7pm" and I don't have to add "6th grade". Very weird.

I'm also relieved of my walking-to-school responsibilities, SOB. The Little Guy is now 5'3" and over 100 pounds so we're forced to agree that a kidnapper would probably look for easier prey. The school is three blocks away and the only really busy road has lights and a crossing guard. My biggest worry is that he'll faff around after school and I will start to think that some kidnapper wanted a challenge. (We've given him a very basic talk and text phone, but the chances of that being charged are slim. Either that or he'll leave it in his locker.)

On the brighter side - I don't have to get dressed at an ungodly hour. But I will. I don't want to turn into one of those housecoat ladies. (Not that I know any.) I have promised my fat belly that I will put on my workout stuff as soon as I get up, and not allow myself to put any other clothes on until I'm disgustingly sweaty from a challenging workout.

The other difference comes at around 2.30pm, when I used to have to start winding down whatever I was doing to go and pick up LG at 3pm. Now that he's walking back from school by himself, I will have to be home, but I don't have to do as much "stopping". I have a feeling that he'll forget so much stuff each day, it might be worth it just to stand at the school gates, ask him what he's forgotten and hope it jogs his memory before we get home. Or I could text him, I suppose.....but that would mean that his phone was working.... Hmmmm.

Changes, changes.


  1. I still have the two, but the boys are eight and nine now and they are now scooting, cycling and walking to and from school together. As the two of them are together I am stilling holding off on the mobile phone!

  2. My two big ones are teenagers in college and high school, but I also have a 6th grader (thank God!). On her first day of school tomorrow, I'm only allowed to take a photo of her on our front steps, then FOLLOW her to school. I can only go into her classroom if other parents are going in. If not, I must remain outside the school. SOB. And sigh . . .

    To think it was exactly three years ago that we moved to Cambridge England, from Boston, USA, with 3 days notice, and when we arrived, many of the schools were already oversubscribed, including the local state school. So much easier to be back in Boston, but so much less fun not to be on an overseas adventure . . .

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  4. Mine are not quite old enough to walk to school it seems (i might do a blog post on that actually) but the school has caused mayhem by having building work that means you can't drop the off anywhere sensible or park anywhere. And the bike/scooter shed is also off limits due to the building work to make it even more chaotic!

  5. I haven't got any children at school any more ...*sobs*. I think I will take note of your work-out regime and do some exercises before my shower - am getting a belly too.

  6. I only have the one at school and we've now moved to a slightly closer school so we're learning new routes (not walking distance), learning where the road narrows too much for two cars near The Pig and Whistle, which means we need to leave a few minutes earlier in case of traffic, learning which No Parking zones I can safely park in while waiting for her to come out of school, etc. You're right. There's new routines, things are different, but I liked how reading between the lines you were saying 'different, not worse'.

    Oh and good luck with the gym clothes idea. I have tried that and have found myself doing the afternoon school run still in unsweaty gym clothes... ;)


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