Friday, 30 January 2015

How Often to Wash Towels?

So, you'll notice (or not) that I haven't blogged for a week. Sometimes I run out of mo-jo and the world simply fails to produce blog fodder. I could post selfies and pretend I have a fabulous/fun/crazy/hippy/delete-where-appropriate life, but well, I have a 6th grader, - with homework, so that probably wouldn't fly.

And then it came. Wrapped up in a sparkly BuzzFeed bow. This - click and read. 

Seriously,  - I'm now questioning my domestic habits. Some people wash their towels after every use? What the what? Are you a coal miner? Just how dirty are you when you go in and how un-clean are you when you come out?

So - how often do I wash my towels? To tell you the truth I have no idea. Not that I have a laundress - it's usually because I have more than one-towel-per-person going at the same time. I know. No idea why. I share a bathroom with the Ball & Chain  - and yes, I need a medal. We also have a heated towel rack so the towels are usually picked up and placed there immediately after use. I had assumed this would cut down on the mold issues. If anyone could enlighten me that would be a blessing.

With the teenage son's bathroom, well - he now does his own laundry and to be honest. if he catches anything from the towels that never seem to make it to the rail, that's his problem. If I pass his room and there's a smell I will go in and do whatever I have to do, including picking towels off the floor and putting them in his laundry basket, but let's just say "What the eye doesn't see...".

What about you? Please friends, don't all tell me that you launder your towels after every use. Next you'll be telling me you change your toothbrush every 6 months. (Just kidding.)


  1. Every 3 days?!? Life's too short. Once a week is fine by me (and my wife). By the by, I am Mr. Laundry.

    ASIDE: we grew up surrounded by bacteria and all sorts of nasties and we didn't have Sani-anything but now, people are terrified by unsterilised counter-tops and laundry that hasn't been boiled. It's a wonder we survived this long.

  2. That article is a laugh. Who needs a sterile environment, anyway? If you never meet bugs you'll never build up resistance. We're super resistant in my house! :)

    As for washing towels, I go by feel and smell. :)

  3. Usually once a week. I figure you go in to wash the dirt off - by my estimation, if you've done a good job then you are clean when you come out to dry off. Ergo, the towels aren't necessarily dirty...just wet.

  4. I do it more like once a month....oh, am I shaming myself now? I agree with Sarah, you need to meet bugs!

  5. Good point, Gigi. Towels shouldn't be dirty at all (though I don't think everyone in my family read that bit of the manual).

    OK, here's another. How often is the "right" frequency for washing bedding? I read on a blog recently that it's once a week. Seriously? Not in my house.

  6. They were more bothered about bacteria on a wet towel I think Iota, hence my smugness about hanging ours up on the heater.
    Sheets? Stinky teen boy, once a week, little boy (unless he has a nosebleed) once every two weeks. Mine (since husband is here only 50% of the time and I simply don't sweat) - every two weeks.

  7. Oh about once a week or so. Or if they are no longer white and I actually notice.

    By the way, the fanciest and most expensive hair salon in this fine city? doesn't wash towels between clients. Those Fluffy White Towels are only sent through the dryer. New employees have to sign a confidentiality agreement not to tell. But frankly, they are right--dryers kill all wildlife.

  8. No, seriously? So there ARE people who change sheets every week (at least some sheets).

    I do change pillow cases quite regularly, but sheets? How dirty do they get? I don't change them every week.

    This is getting a bit personal. Maybe time to change the subject.


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