Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Back problems - Oops I did it again.

Yes I did. Sun came out, the temp warmed up a bit so I thought I'd just go and do a quick clean up in the back garden. In places like Chicago, where the winters are extreme, your gardens are basically decimated in the winter. Everything dies. It looks like this,

..and you wonder how it's ever going to be all green and flowery again.

So, as I said, I spent an hour in the back raking leaves and putting them into a large bin/trash bag. I thought I was doing okay, until I went to stand up - and couldn't. Must have looked like a right plonker as I had to walk into the house bent over.

Argh! So annoying. At present, I can stand up ramrod straight or lie down with my knees up. Anything else is either impossible or agony. If I have to retrieve anything, it's done via a huge ballet pliƩ. Dressing myself is like an Olympic event. I have to drop my underwear on the floor, put one foot in, pliƩ down, pull the garment half way up my leg, stick the other leg in, and keep pulling. Agony.

When will I learn?


  1. Sorry, but the visual image of you dressing yourself with plie's had me giggling (I think I pictured you putting on a tutu, which - I realise - is probably not accurate, but by association with the plies).

    Hope you heal up soon.

  2. Oooh, dear. Not a good visual there Iota! But yes, funny.

  3. I really feel for you as I've been a back/sciatica sufferer for years.
    Its depressing that the yard/garden gets so wrecked every Winter.
    I really hope that you reach normality soon.... both for your back and your yard.
    Get someone else to plant it up!
    Maggie x

  4. Hi . . . just look who I am following . . my big sister, Maggie . . .

    I am so sorry about your back.
    Can the medics do anything for you to relieve the pain and improve mobility.
    Would deep heat help as an interim measure?
    Hope it gets fixed soon ~ Eddie :)

  5. Maggie and Eddie - thanks for your sympathy. I have a heated pad thing that I sit with, so that helps. I've done it before so it should be better in about a week. It's just a pain. And yes, no more heavy gardening for me. x

  6. I'm just out of hospital with a bad leg infection caused by a horsefly bite ~ nasty swelling and ulcer . . . . . responding to treatment but very painful so I do sympathise ~ glad your's rectifies in about a week ~ no more Olympics for either of us . . . :)

  7. Good Lord Eddie. Glad to hear you're responding to the treatment. Nasty.

  8. Oh poor thing - back trouble is just awful, I know. I won't offer any advice as I know it can be annoying - except maybe get a gardener? ;-)

  9. Oh no! Is it better yet? That sounds like the worst!


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