Friday, 10 April 2015

What real Badass Mothers do.

I'm having a little rant over on my other blog, about this new movement that seems to be all the rage. Being a "bad" mother, or a "slacker mom" as it's known in the US of A. In short, a badass mother.

Apparently what you do is pretend that you're a rubbish mother (or parent, except the dads don't feel the need to be so competitive and judgy), make a list of things that "good" mothers do, and then tell everyone very loudly that you don't do them. Ironically, in most cases, these wannabe badass mothers are also compelled to tell us why they don't do them - such as "I don't bathe/shower my kids every day in the winter because their skin gets too dry and my pediatrician says it's OK". Yawn.

Look sweetie, if you're going to be badass, then skip the explanations. Real badass mothers don't give a flying $%*& what anyone else thinks. (They also write the cuss word out in full instead of using symbols.) The very act of defending your badass parenting technique is about the most un-badass thing on the planet.

If you're going to be badass, then you either have to do it heroically, like these mothers, or not at all. Telling us that you don't force your kids to eat their veggies is neither bad nor badass. It's called "picking your battles".


  1. I don't do my kids' laundry any more. Is that badass or just a case of permanent strike by the Laundry Fairy?

    LCM x

  2. There was a funny article about this recently in the Standard, pointing out that the mother who goes on about how crap she is, is really the one whose kids are perfect and do really well at everything (ie the girl from school who said she did no work and then aced all the exams).


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