Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dirty Local Politics and Mean Tweets

Good Lord, it's been a while. And yes, I'm still heavily involved in local politics. My skin is growing thicker every day. Soon it will resemble a handbag instead of a human epidermis. It's amazing what being insulted on a daily basis will do for your tolerance levels.

I don't give a hoot.

I didn't actually ever care what the insulters thought of me, but the retorts I should have used, the brilliant responses I came up with too late, kept me up at night. And then I realized that, like many passionately debated issues these days, there's very little listening going on. Everyone's just trying to get the other side to agree with them, and their preferred method is either SHOUTING or hurling insults. Now, if someone posts a really nasty reply, I just leave it there. Hanging.

It's very liberating, this not caring. It's not that I don't read their comments if they leave anything of worth. If someone says my candidate's not doing this or that, I think about it. Most of the time whatever they're accusing my candidate of doing is exactly the same as what their's is doing too. Sigh. My most oft-used phrase at the moment is "double standards".

If I were really famous, I'd probably do what these celebs do - Read out the worst Tweets about myself.

Even the President's in on the act, and lord knows, he's on the receiving end of some of the dirtiest politics we've seen in a long time.

You've just gotta laugh sometimes.


  1. I hate politics, but I love politics, I hate the mean stuff, but I love that it makes me tougher and more determined! Focus on the good it gives you and leave the rest to one side. You are so right about the annoyance of thinking of the right thing to say after the event, that is really irritating isn't it!! xx p.s. loved the mean tweet readings!

  2. You'll be running for office soon if you can handle meantweets. I'll vote for you!

  3. Amy - yes, I'm focussing on what could be. I am getting bombarded by someone on Twitter who keeps mis-quoting my candidate. SO annoying.
    ALW - Never. I don't want to mix with politicians! LOL

  4. It's awful. People should be grateful that someone still wants to help run things where they live. I think all the good people will stay out of politics this way. Good for you that you're sticking with it!

  5. Glad you are liberated. Love the mix of British and Americanisms.

  6. ...and how involved are you in the election, this side of the pond? Lx

  7. Not caring is the only answer. I am not sure I could manage it though so hats off to you that you can!


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