Wednesday, 24 February 2016

5 Sure Signs you have a College Boy in the House

So my mate Tara, who writes the excellent Sticky Fingers blog, recently talked about the 7 signs that show you have a teenage boy in the house. It made me realise how much things change when they leave the teens and fly the nest. And mine -who used to be the Man-Child, then was known as the Punk Rocker, and now, on account of his pretty normal hair and attire, is simply called College Boy- is no exception.

Here are the tell-tale signs your college boy is back in the house, albeit temporarily. (I didn't take photos while he was around or any of him. He's 6'4" so I didn't want to risk permanent disfigurement!)

1. They drink more coffee. They also make it themselves, leave all the stuff out, and rarely bring the cups back from whence they were taken.

2. Since they're only home for a short while, they don't feel the need to put stuff back where it belongs. See above photo of not only dirty coffee mugs, but Stabalized Ankle Brace empty box and college course books. (There is a bin right next to the desk where empty boxes could go, btw).
And -

That goes for other college books that get deposited on your nice dining table and left there. Many of them will never be opened while he's here.

3. They do their own laundry. It stays in the dryer till someone else (me) needs to put wet clothes in, and then ends up on the bedroom floordrobe (made up word, courtesy of Iota) where it will be accessed upon need. It never makes it back to the closet or drawers. Hey, what's the point? Not here for long.

Alternatively, it can be deposited in the guest bedroom, out of sight and out of mind, until mom finds the creased-to-bits jeans and shirt, declares he can't possibly be seen in them - - -and IRONS them!

4. They eschew all the fun, bright teen shoes they used to wear and out they go! This pile is clearly too worn out to take to a charity shop. I'm also taking bets on whether it actually makes it out of the bedroom....

5. And -oh the bathroom - personal grooming is now in fashion. Note the retro Old Spice deodorant. He's over the stinky Lynx, thank goodness. (The can of paint is mine - ready for another DIY project. And - we do have a toilet roll holder. Not sure why there's one roaming free.)

Ah yes - no doubt about it. He's in the house!

Eek alert - I was browsing through my "teen" posts to feature one in the side bar (see left) and waddya know, the one I chose (without reading back over the content) was also inspired by tara at Sticky Fingers. I owe you, lady!)


  1. Old Spice? Goodness, that IS retro.

    Why is it so hard to put an empty box in a bin? They should teach them that at school and have an exam in it. THAT would be education at its most useful.

    This is interesting for me, as my oldest is in his final weeks at school. I'll be graduating from the contents of Tara's post to the contents of this post.

    But the floordrobe will remain... It is my nemesis. I've learnt to live with it. I just hope they marry very very very tidy women, who force them into ridiculously tidy habits, and than I will laugh. (Or cry.)

    1. You should see the state of his college room. I went in a few weeks ago and couldn't bear to look. Four boys in one flat. The mess!

  2. Not putting anything back seems to go with all the ages...
    I love the word floordrobe!

  3. Have just been reading Tara's post so came over for a neb.
    We have outgrown Lynx too but the shoe fetish seems to have gone in a strange direction. Thanks to the elegance of his girlfriend, Rory now has a thing for smart shoes - several of them! The dressing gown is still worn constantly - though not with the shoes!

  4. This is SO very true. I would add that the couch gets pushed back across the floor a few inches every time he flops on the couch...makes me crazy.

    LOVE the floordrobe! And yeah, mine is now using the retro Old Spice too.

    1. Ah yes, the moving furniture. Made worse when you have hardwood floors that get scratched! Grr.

  5. Ha ha, you and me Expat Mum; the dream team!

  6. I am sorry to say, many boys do not grow out of this when visiting home! Our son lives in London and comes home about 3 - 4 times a year. Everything you have listed happens with his visits, and he is 28 years old1 Needless to day, it is always a joy to have him even if there is an aftermath of cleaning and discovering things I thought he really needed to take away with him!

  7. I am still waiting for mine to use the shower without prompting, but there is light on the horizon in the form of a girl!


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