Monday, 22 February 2016

Time on my own

I spend quite a lot of time on my own. Sometimes I feel like a saddo - not really going out for days and quite enjoying it. These days, with the sciatic nerve thing going on, it's a bit more enforced however.

I've just had a week on my own though and it was a slightly different matter. The Ball & Chain and 12 year old went skiing as it was the school half term thing. I had to cancel - it's hard to ski when you can barely walk. Plus, I think my orthopedic surgeon would have fired me.

So, with 8 days ahead, I started planning all the things I would get done round the house. I actually managed to achieve some of them too. Made an arm cover for the family room sofa; the fabric on the arm had worn so much from people perching on it, that it looked like a completely different colo(u)r. I cut up one of the far-too-many cushions it came with a re-purposed it. Given that I was on a limited amount of fabric and a mistake would have been a disaster, I fashioned one out of kitchen roll/paper towel first. You're supposed to do it with muslin, but hey the paper worked.

I then set about with wood filler. Yes, you read that correctly. For some reason we have large chucks missing in some of our skirting boards (base boards). I was going to retouch some of the woodwork anyway, but you can't really paint over holes in it can you? It wasn't really that hard to do, and with some fine grain sandpaper and a tack cloth, I managed most of them. Unfortunately, getting down to a sitting position on the floor proved too much aggravation for the old sciatica so there are a few unsanded bits, which will have to wait till after we do the steroid injection later this week. (Assuming it works.)

The strange thing though (about being on my own 24/7) was there was no punctuation at all. No 12 year old coming home at 3.30pm, no one to cook dinner for so I could eat what and when I liked, no laundry to do and I think I only emptied the dishwasher once. I was alone - but not lonely, just off kilter. I did however, still have to get up to let the dog out, which I could have done without. One of the great luxuries in life I believe, is being able to sleep later than 7am.

Oh well.

And now, they're back and there's a pile of laundry and I have to think of something to make for dinner, and try to re-arrange the orthodontist appointment and............


  1. Yes, why don't dogs understand about lie-ins...?

    1. Because their tummies and bladders don't?

    2. Ach no, not mine. He doesn't need a pee first thing - if I open the door to the garden he doesn't go out. And I've carefully got him into the habit of not having breakfast first thing. During termtime, I walk the kids to school with him, and he doesn't get his breakfast till we're back. That way, he's not in the habit of expecting breakfast first thing.

      So I am forced to conclude it's a canine conspiracy.

    3. That "Unknown" was me, Iota, by the way.

  2. Other than the pain, I certainly envy you that alone time! I'm seriously considering taking a few vacation days so that I can actually get stuff done around here without the Husband hovering.

  3. My routine has changed a lot since Rory left home. The week Hubby is at work I really enjoy having the place to myself and, apart from chats with my mum, it's great having peace and quiet. Then it's Dougie's week off and everything changes, but in a good way as we do things together a lot of the time.
    Hope your back is getting better x

  4. Living alone has it's compensations, I think!
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Maggie x

  5. Oh I love time on my own! I sometimes go away to write, leaving the children to my husband all weekend, and it is bliss! The longest I've managed so far is three nights. A week sounds like heaven.


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