Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Getting crafty at Xmas

A few years ago I was wondering what to do with the large collection of wine corks my son had amassed from years of his parents' consumption. Here's the post with some of the ideas.

Like many of my research projects, I never end up doing them. I didn't make the wreath, not did I make the cork necklace. (In that case, it wasn't for want of trying. It just looked rubbish).

A few weeks ago, I did actually start a Christmas project, made up by my very own self. No Pinterest influence as far as I'm aware. And here it is -

Ta - daaaaa. 

It looks more sparkly in real life and the next one I make is going to be even more fabulous.

Here's what you do. (It's easy but slightly labour intensive).

1. Make square outlines out of corks. 
2. Make each square slightly smaller than the last, so that you get the angle of the tree. (You will have to cut the end corks down to achieve this.)
3. When you have your squares made, glue them on top of each other, at angles.

Here's what it looks like from the bottom, to give you an idea. The first square I made with three corks on each side of the square. For the second layer, I cut the third cork of each side in half, so the entire square was smaller, You can eyeball how much you want to cut off, but don't make the size difference too small or you won't get the Xmas tree effect. It'll look like a bulky bush (as they say!).

4. After you have glued a layer, I would advise you to wrap some glittery thread around it and the neighboring layer. This is so that if the glue snaps (as it sometimes does when using a glue gun), the layers are still held together by the thread. 
5. Add a champagne cork for the top, or anything you like really. 
6. Wrap more glittery stuff and glue. 
7. Glue small baubles into the gaps between the layers. 

Rinse and repeat. 


  1. Get you crafty! I knew that we crafting bloggers would get you in the end. We get everyone crafting eventually!!

  2. Oh I've been crafting for decades, I just got a bit lazy of late! I'm quite pleased that I finished this one as I have tons of half-finished projects around the place!

  3. Thanks for the how to! Now I just need to remember to save those corks...

    1. I should send you some but my son says I have to leave them alone. Not quite sure what he has in mind. Probably building himself a chair or something! LOL

    2. *snort* I'd love to see a chair - or some other large creation - that he makes out of them. Just be sure to blog the progress!

  4. Now that what I call really good recycling with something good to show at the end of it!
    That's a lot of corks!
    Maggie x

    1. It is Maggie although I have to say, he's been collecting them probably for about ten years. He has bags full so I'm just trying to do good things with them! LOL (And yes, we like wine!)

  5. Interesting project! Just remember not to poke at it while the glue is still hot. I've burnt my fingers many times doing that. I think I'll start saving the wine corks.

    1. Too late. Man that stuff hurts! I never learn!

  6. That's charming, Toni! :-) Happy Christmas!


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