Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why I'm not Putting my Phone Down Any Time Soon

Over at my blog at the Huffington Post, I'm possibly over-sharing as to why I don't resolve to put down my phone in 2017.
You may want to have a read. It could save your life some day!


  1. I remember that! Yep, we need to carry our phones all the time. Even if you'd been stuck for an hour or two at least you could have tweeted the experience, played a game or two or, for that matter, figured out some of the more obscure features of the device.

    1. Right up until you realized you forgot to charge your phone up, and it's now down in the red zone on the battery icon. Do you have enough juice to place a call? A text? A tweet? Tick tock!

      (This is what would probably happen to me under the circs.)

  2. That was funny (but not so funny at the time).
    As I also might go days without being missed I try to carry a phone in a little bag over my shoulder al all times. It's not infallible though, as I do forget sometimes!
    Maggie x

    1. I should wear one of those Fitbits for the amount of times I have to walk around the house looking for my phone!


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