Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nasty Women Banded Together and, Oh yeah, the CUBS won!

Been a very busy, stressful time here.

We still haven't had the election (next Tuesday folks, next Tuesday). Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" in the last debate which sent all of her female supporters out to get their t-shirts and other paraphernalia. Silly man - did he not realise that would be a rally cry!

The polls are showing Clinton and Trump virtually neck and neck, which frankly, scares the snot out of me. That they publish polls every day, slicing them up by different demographics, doesn't help as one minute it looks like a landslide for Clinton and five minutes later Trump's sweeping the board.

Apparently two British betting companies are giving Clinton 85% odds of being elected, which gives me some hope, for some reason. Wonder what they predicted for Brexit? Ah, there it is - the gave the Remainers a 76% chance of winning. Oh dear.

By far the bigger nail-biter however, was the baseball World Series. (Yes, I know it's only US and a couple of Canadian teams; don't shoot the messenger.) This year was very special because our very own Chicago Cubs made it all the way through to the end, playing best of 7 against the Cleveland Indians. We have had our hopes raised in years past so no one was taking anything for granted. The Cubs haven't won the World Series for 108 years. That's a bit like England winning the World Cup again after double the amount of time since it won the last one in 1966. (Or something like that.)

The game was a long won and hard-fought. Right up until the very end, it could have gone to either team as we were in the tenth inning (baseball games usually go for 9). The Cubs had been comfortably winning, then the Indians leveled the playing field (to coin a phrase) in the 8th inning. And then we had a rain delay in the 9th inning and on came the tarps. The Cubs manager obviously gave them a pep talk because the Cubs returned to win 8-7 in the 10th.

And the crowds went wild. It is something to behold seeing people out in the streets at midnight singing Go Cubs Go!

I think my son is in this crowd somewhere. 


  1. I am not a sports fan but even I was caught up in the excitement of this World Series - not enough to watch it, but enough to pay attention. Congrats to your Cubs! Loved the video - in this day and age, how nice to see a city come together to rejoice.

    1. We just got notice that school is cancelled tomorrow. Not that we're ports mad or anything............

  2. Congrats to the Cubs! But I'm more interested in the election. I'm planning to stay up all night watching the results, as I did for Brexit. I just hope the dawn does not see me as gobsmacked at the result.

  3. This feel-good story has been a lovely break from the election's nasty madness. I am so happy for the Cubs and their loyal fans. As a friend posted to Facebook: THE GOAT IS DEAD!

  4. Hillary is going to prison.

  5. Can't help but wonder what will happen on Tues! I don't think we can believe any polls..... after all look what happened with Brexit! No one thought that would happen.
    Whatever the result..... life will never be the same!
    Maggie x

  6. I watched the game up until the rain delay but couldn't keep my eyes open so went to bed and was delighted to find that the Cubs had won in the morning.
    And now the election is over and there is another winner.... one I may not be quite so delighted about. How about you?


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