Monday, 14 November 2016

Trump - All Talk and No Trousers


What to say. What to do? 

It's taken me a while to get my head around the fact that our next President (I'm a dual citizen) is going to be a casino owner/builder/reality TV guy who has never held public office or served in the military. 

There have been other Presidents who had never held public office but they still had some relevant experience:

I'm thinking of applying for various jobs with the Trump organization, no matter what they are. Apparently no experience or qualifications are needed in Trumplandia. Weird though - when I looked on the web site, there were no openings listed. 

A lot of his fans are going to be very disappointed with Donnie. He's already "walking back" several of his campaign promises, and Newt Gingrich (who has been toadying up to him for months and is now being rewarded with a big job) actually admitted on TV that getting Mexico to pay for The Wall probably wouldn't happen but it had been a "great campaign device". 

Other campaign promises that are already being broken are - 

"Draining the Swamp - Trump's catchy slogan for getting rid of Washington insiders. That went down really well; in fact "change" and being "anti-establishment" was what got Trump most of his support. Sad that he's now filling his transition team and Cabinet with more Washington insiders than we've seen in a long time. 

"Repeal Obamacare" - that was Yooge. It was going to be done on DAY ONE. (He can't actually do it without Congress but hey, again, it sounds good.) However, he's admitted already that he likes bits of it and will keep them. 

Deport 11 million undocumented aliens - Oh, his fans loved this one too! He kicked off his campaign by telling that these people are rapists and drug dealers. Now? He's going to deport about 3 million of them if they've committed a crime. 

Water-boarding terrorism suspects - a promise that made him appear as hard as nails. Ooh, they lapped it up. According to CNN however, former House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers reckons it was all just "campaign talk". 

Rip up the Iran nuclear deal - he was scathing about the deal wrought by Obama, saying that he would "rip it up". Now however, adviser Walid Phares is walking it back, telling the BBC that "Ripping up" is maybe too strong of a word.  He's gonna take that agreement, and then review it, send it to Congress, ...change a few issues. And there will be a discussion; it will be a tense discussion". A tense discussion? Ooooh, about as scary as a strongly worded letter then.  

Slap a 45% tax on goods coming out of China - nope, not happening. One of his senior policy advisers has told Yahoo Finance that people shouldn't worry about a trade war, and that Mr. Trump had been misquoted. Ah, I see.

It's funny how everyone else is always wrong. Trump is misquoted, or the unfair media are spinning what he said (when all they are doing is showing footage of his actual words). 

It doesn't seem to bother Trumpkins that his own advisers are admitting that his campaign promises were basically all talk and no trousers, as they say. 

Oh well. 


  1. You have it spot on... One of the few, small consolations I can think of just at the moment is that more of us voted for her than for him. Doesn't change the outcome, but it is significant. I am still in the grieving process. So disappointed in so many ways. It will no doubt be a looooonnnngggg road ahead, with many potholes of the president-elect's making.

  2. Factoring in the idiots who didn't vote and those that voted for Clinton, Trump actually only got about a quarter of the nation's support.

  3. I wonder how long it will take his followers to realise that he's not going to be delivering the goods.

    I think it would be more fair to count individual votes and then probably Brexit wouldn't have happened either.
    Maggie x

  4. Have never been more thankful for my dual Canadian citizenship in my life.


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