Sunday, 29 April 2018

It Seems I Can't Let Go Of Trump

In the nine months since I moved from the US to the UK I've noticed a marked improvement in my stress levels. Oh sure, the move was hard work and very stressful; selling our US home and setting up again in the UK was fraught at times, but my shoulders are no longer constantly up around my ears. Why? Because I'm not baraged with Trump mania morning, noon and night.

Being a news junkie, I have the TV on a lot, sometimes just in the background, in case I miss something. (?) In the US, most of the news channels (even the BBC) were very US-focused, which inevitably meant constant updates about the latest piece of Trump idiocy or crassness. You really couldn't get away from it, although were I to tune in to Fox News (when hell froze over) I would have heard more flattering stories and his fact-challenged statements and daily name-calling would have been carefully edited. 

When I repatriated, I resolved to rid myself of my morbid fascination with US politics, and learn more about what was going on in the UK. (Not quite as depressing, I assure you.) I'm already re-registered to vote so I feel obliged to get myself up to date with local and national matters. However, since I'm still also an American citizen, and have property in the US (as well as two adult children), I feel I should still keep on top of the US circus. 

And that's where it all falls apart. Resolving to let go of the daily Trump s**t show (excuse French) is almost impossible if you want to keep yourself apprised of US news. He is everywhere, and just when you think there's a chance of hearing about something really important - like perhaps Puerto Rico still not being back up and running after 2017's Hurricane Maria, or the water in Flint, Michigan still not being drinkable after 4 years - he comes screaming back into centre stage. 

I'm trying, I'm really trying, not to let Trump take up too much of my time and energy. After all, with the Mueller investigation getting closer and closer to the awful truth, it won't be long before Trump's world unravels. I can wait. I think. But then I go on Twitter and get sucked back in and turn all shouty and outraged. There is literally something every day that makes me shake my head in disbelief or want to punch my laptop into the dog bowl. 

What's that they say about breaking up with someone? Actually, I read about the signs to tell whether you're over an ex and thought I'd see where I was. Not that Trump is an ex, you understand. I have standards.  

1. You're apathetic towards them. (Ugh, no.)

2. You don't press your mutual friends for information about them. (Again, no. I keep going on Twitter and reading stuff.)
3. You feel more than lust or infatuation for someone else. (Eeuuwww. Moving on.)
4. You stop avoiding places they might be...or stalking them. (Nope, I'm Twitter stalking.)
5. You can engage with their social media in a normal way. (There is just rage, although I feel it is highly appropriate.)
6. You're happy for their successes. (Well, let me know when the "successes" happen and I'll get back to you.)
7. You stop keeping track of the time since you were with them. (This is my "I can't believe he's been in office for 1 year, 98 days 22 hours", so no, I'm not there.)

Please hurry up Mr. Mueller. 


  1. I get enough of Trump over here. I can't imagine how thick it is in the USA. But then we have Brexit and Windrush to make up the difference.

    1. While Brexit has me shaking my head and sighing with frustration, and Windrush has me outraged, neither seems to unleash the inner Harpy in me like Don the Con does.

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