Tuesday, 26 June 2018

British Men - Whipping Their Tops Off Everywhere

So yes, it's bloody boiling where we are. I'm not saying that in the usual British "Ooh it's hot" way either. It's genuinely hot and has been for a while now. The temp round our way was 29 Celsius yesterday, so that's 84 Fahrenheit. Hot. (There are some kids wandering round wearing sweatshirts, but they tend to be the ones who've lived in Singapore for years, so - not hot for them.)

As long as I stay out of the sun, I love it. It's not humid and sticky like it gets in Chicago, and if you venture in to the shade, it cools down a bit. I stay out of the sun for obvious reasons, but additionally because, if I even tried to get my legs brown it wouldn't happen. I would still need the supplement from a bottle, so why bother in the first place? When I expose my legs to the summer elements, I get bitten so badly that any tan I might get is totally eclipsed by the red swollen welts. Not an attractive look. It's also a good job I'm not bald either. I had my hair cut this morning and my hairdresser commented that my head was covered in small scabs. "Ah yes," I replied, "they're bites". Not sure he believed me. 

What I'm slightly aghast at however, is not the ex-Singapore dwellers sporting sweat shirts, but the amount of British blokes wandering around topless. And in some cases, it's not a pretty sight. They're either burnt to a crisp or let's just say, not the sort of top we want going topless. And they're everywhere.

Window cleaners (who could very easily ask for a bucket of cold water and cool themselves down that way), van drivers (sporting one arm more tanned than the other presumably?) and just yer average male walking along the street. Carrying their tops. It looks like they've just stopped in the street, decided they can't take the heat any more, and stripped off. Well, they have obviously done just that, but I seriously doubt they had any sun screen to hand. 

Even Ex-PM Cameron's at it. 


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  2. See, now this is one of the things I just didnt' understand when I first move to England. I still don't get it :0)

    1. Me neither, and it's my homeland. It's always been like this. Madness.

  3. Often not a pretty sight I grant you, lol
    Personally I think stripping off in the sun makes you even hotter.

    I suppose Noel Coward got it right when he wrote, "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun!"

  4. Yes, have never understood why blokes do this.
    Mind you, wasn't so bothered when Nadal took of his top at the end of his match the other day....


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