Friday, January 11, 2008

Ooh, and another one...

I forgot to add probably the most important resolution of the moment
- unpack within a week of returning from vacation/holiday

We spent two fab weeks skiing in Colorado, came back last Saturday and the unpacking/laundry fairy seems to have forgotten our address! I thought I would just leave all the suitcases where they were "unpacked" by various family members, but having stubbed my toe last night and nearly fallen down the stairs the day before, I relented and kicked them against the wall. Not quite putting them away, I know. I also relented and did the laundry as I found myself running out of clean jeans (well, clean jeans that fit). It seemed a bit selfish to pick through the pile and wash only my own stuff - especially since one of the offspring is only four.
I recognise (okay now, which spelling do I opt for - the Americans spell it "recognize") that it has long been a fault of mine to leave an open suitcase on the floor and just unpack it as I need the contents. What does this teach my husband (who, after 17 years is still in training) and children other than to do the same thing and get yelled at? So, this weekend, we are going to have an all-out effort to get the suitcases back where they belong, all contents in their rightful places, and just to really ruin everyone's weekend, we'll be taking the tree down into the bargain!
I can hear wailing and gnashing of teeth already!


  1. No, no, no! Try and spin out the suitcase unpacking for as long as possible, and with a bit of luck you will still be half-packed by the summer hols. Okay, so you might all have to wear woollies on the beach, but that's a small price to pay for the seriously under-rated skill of indolence.

  2. Hmmm, Drunk Mummy's idea sounds good. An option might be to dump the contents of each suitcase into a big trash bag, shove each bag into a corner of the appropriate room, store suitcases and only examine trash bag contents as needed. Pros: suitcases are put away so no tripping and laundry is postponed. Cons: laundry still has to be done.

    Nahh, sounds like too much work.

  3. Thanks for calling by.
    Post holiday laundry - almost puts me off holidays!

  4. Ah, see you've been visited by the wonderful @themill......was that how you found me? No idea on holiday unpacking....holidays seem too long ago to remember what happens....

  5. LOL! I usually get the kids' things out of the suitcases fairly promptly, and DH is not bad about unpacking his bags. My suitcase, on the other hand, is usually still sitting on the bedroom floor weeks after our return. My daughter is beginning to learn my procrastinating skills though . . .


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