Monday, January 14, 2008


In my rush to blog, I was remiss in my introductions, so here goes. I am a Brit, as they say here, (actually English) who's lived in the States since 1990. My 3 offspring are almost 15, 12, and 4. Yes, that's right, 4! We live in Chicago, which is neither as dangerous or glamorous as depicted in TV documentaries.

I won't be writing too much about the kids in case they get wind of it and start demanding payment. (I will of course, be moaning about the ball and chain on a regular basis.) Nor will my blog reveal too much of a personal or salacious nature as, in a moment of sheer thoughtlessness, I told my mother about it AND gave her the web address! I am fairly confident she won't bother figuring out how to leave comments, but I will nonetheless be watching closely for the cold-sweat inducing opening line, "By the way...", which usually means I'm in deep doo-doo!
The other one was "If you think you can...
a)live in this house and keep your room like that
b)live in this house and speak to me like that
c) live in this house and treat it like a hotel,
d) all of the above...
Not quite sure how that particular threat ended but I know it wasn't as simple as "You've got another think coming!"
Ah memories!


  1. Yeah, beware - you may think your blog is Oh So Private but, trust me - it's not. NEVER EVER use people's real names because the sneaky egomaniac swine Google themselves and up comes your (or rather my) blog, slagging them off. I have come unstuck in this way three times now and ended up being vilified in the Sunday Times because of it.....hmmm. You are obviously FAR smarter than I am though - though telling your mother was not a good plan.

  2. Hello Expat Mum, lovely to meet you! I'm going to read your book ASAP as I am hoping to break into the writing world myself, maybe not with a book (not confident yet) but would appreciate all advice and tips. Am clueless about most things.

    Thanks for coming over to mine, looking forward to reading more of you.

    Best wishes.

  3. Hi girls,
    Exmoor - Yes, I'm even going to change my photo (not just because it's cheesy). Although it's on my web site so any lunatic could probably find me. Best not to say anything too outrageous I suppose.

    Swearingmother - The difference between a published author and someone wanting to write a book is getting on with it. Half the time it's not talent, but the decision not to go to your grave without at least trying. (An original idea also helps.) Would be happy to discuss things any time.


  4. I am enjoying your blog a lot so far, yes I decided anonymity (?!) was the best policy though as you get to know all your favourite bloggers and they seem accessible, it is tempting to want to meet them.

  5. I told my mother about my blog. She visited once and has since forgotten how to get back there. She commented the other day that I "Could be saying anything" about her.

    I've added you to my blogroll - looking forward to reading more!


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