Thursday, January 17, 2008

Simon Cowell - Mr. Nice Guy?

Well, it's finally here - American Idol. Me and my two older kids have been hooked since season 4. (Come on - it's safe, family entertainment.) This week we've had two excrutiating two hour shows of auditions. If you think there's some nutters in the UK, you ain't seen nothing like this lot. One guy (resembling Lurch in a lumberjack shirt) delivered his own composition - "Stalking Paula". By the second verse the judges were under the table, begging the security men to escort the miscreant out of the room. You know there was more than Diet Coke in Paula's cup after that!
But I digress - on to Simon. Being English myself, I have never found him as "cruel" or "objectionable" as many Americans do. My school teachers delivered more sarcasm in a 40 minute lesson than he does all season. Asking "What the bloody hell was that?" as he did last night, seemed downright maternal given the circumstances. I have always quite liked him; not "fancy" you understand, although he's apparently had those man-boobs worked on and looks to have slimmed down a bit. But no -you don't need a man who borrows your hair products.
Anyway, the final candidate was this lovely man from Thailand or Korea, (forgive me if I'm wrong, I don't want to start anything). He came in wearing a white cloak, white hat with feather boa and the biggest grin you've ever seen. He sang his own composition, "You're my brother" which was predictable but catchy, and had both Randy and Paula up singing with him. Simon predicted that the song might just become a huge hit - and he's not half bad at those predictions. He (the singer) absolutely idolized Simon, but in such a way that Simon, yes, Simon, ended up coming out from behind the table and hugging the little chap. The editing was superb as they had slow motion clips of Simon half-smiling, with a halo of light behind him. You know Simon had to have approved this, so I do believe we are going to see a softer, more self-depracating Mr. Cowell this season. The lovely man didn't get through but I know that's not the last of him!


  1. Bit of a Simon fan here.... Poor bloke - he only says what we're all thinking (aren't we?).... and, hmm, he's quite cute actually. Right, that's my credibility blown out of the water.
    Ah, I envy you - James and I sit howling with laughter at the auditions for The X Factor...gets a bit boring after that, but hey, we still watch. Adrian rolls his eyes and bungs on the iPod.

  2. Hi I found you through my mate exmoorjane's site. ADORE X-Factor (British version of Idol - we had one series, I think, or 2 of PopIdol and are now X factor). Simon is the only one on ours who speaks any sense, despite the high tummed trews. Although we do now have Dannnniiiii Minogue (sister of the more famous Kylie) who is surprisingly good. But a real chain and ball in the shape of Louis Walsh (who?) and Sharon Osborne (married a mad bat eater)

  3. I do miss having Sharon on tv on a regular basis over here though! What a hoot! There aren't many truly batty people in the US despite what others may think.

  4. Saw your comment over on the Novel Racers blog and as I'm an expat mum of 3 kids thought I pop by and say hi. My Dh is addicted to American Idol. He picked up on histrips to Houston:-)


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