Thursday, February 7, 2008

I will survive!

I honestly thought I wouldn't make it this far this week. Hubby left town on Sunday night and we have had sickness, ice storms, snow storms and a plague of frogs since then. Next door's idiot maintenance man was snow-blowing at 3.45am, then my two sons decided they needed to sleep with me (for the first time ever) both on the same night. One breathes very loudly and the other has very sharp toe nails.
I currently can't drive anywhere as the cars are stuck in the garage. Although we live in the city, our alley has two frozen grooves where car tires/tyres fit, but you have to jump your vehicle over a foot high ice mound to get into these grooves. I gave up yesterday when my son became alarmed at the smell of burning rubber. (I just assumed that with all the snow and below freezing temps, nothing would burst into flames!)
The kids' school is two blocks away and we have an extortionate corner shop within fifty yards, so we'll be okay.
If I hadn't made it however, I was going to post another very apt poem, but first a word about all that. A few weeks ago I posted a poem about socks, written by Wendy Cope. I stupidly didn't realise this is not on, and furthermore it drives Wendy Cope insane. She wrote an article in the Guardian last December entitled "You Like my Poems; So Pay for them". (Eek) I have therefore taken it down.

The poem I currently have in mind is by "Anonymous" therefore she won't mind if I share it with you.

On A Tired Housewife

Here lies a poor woman who was always tired,
She lived in a house where help wasn't hired (well, hardly any)
Her last words on Earth were "Dear friends I am going
To where there's no cooking, or washing, or sewing,
For everything there is exact to my wishes,
For where they dont' eat there's no washing of dishes.
I'll be where loud anthems will always be ringing,
But having no voice I'll be quit of the singing.
Don't mourn for me now, don't mourn for me never,
I am going to do nothing for ever and ever".

Rather apt for many I think!


  1. I read that by Wendy Cope, too. Of course by "sharing" we think we're doing the right thing and forget their need for loot! Great anon poem and, as you say, totally safe.

  2. I was going to post some witty thing about talking to a spitting mad Ann O'Nymous...but won't. Sounds like you have real things to contend with. Why 3.45am? Aren't you allowed to shoot people dead over there for less?

  3. PS Forget the driving test. I think anyone who wants to buy a sound system or anything with the potential for large scale neighbour annoyance should be compelled to do an IQ test first.

  4. Pity about the poems! I must admit that I hadn't thought of that.
    Your weather sounds terrible. Is it unusual for the time of year or is it just a normal winter?
    I would be so annoyed about the snow clearer starting up so early.
    I'd hate to do nothing for ever & ever. Maybe thats Hell!

  5. Thought of you last night when I saw you'd got another pounding of snow. The mountains are getting hit badly here too. At least I only have to look at them and not contend with their wintery ferocity. Am stocked up with supplies just in case though!

  6. Milla - yes, I thought I was spreading the word about her poetry, but given that she only writes short pieces, it's still robbing her of her income. I must say, I'd be thrilled if someone put some of my writing out there - not the whole book of course!
    Omega - I just did the American thing and reminded my neigbours of the ordinance that says you can't make that sort of noise before 7am. They heard "litigation" instead I think!
    MM - No, this would be the usual for Chicago. We get less snow when it's really, really cold though. Then in the summer it shoots up to 100 farenheit and is very humid. Why do I live here?
    Kat - we are going up to our place in Copper Mountain in just over a week, so at least we can put the snow to some use. :-)

  7. Chicago is getting it worse than our part of downstate Illinois right now. But we have had times in years past when we didn't get out of our lane for a day or two or three. We keep our freezer and pantry stocked in the winter just in case. When we had children at home, they would eagerly listen to the radio for school closing announcements - and would then go outside to play in the snow!

  8. Hi expat mum,
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving comments - it's most heart-warming for a newcomer like me. Oddly enough, my two kids both slept with me the other night too. I tried with all my might to make them go back to their beds, but they weren't having any of it. Bad dreams, apparently, both at 4am. One moans, the other snuggles. It would be really cute if I didn't mind the sleeplessness.
    Hope your week improves.

  9. Come live in Connecticut- murky, damp, raw weather. We haven't even had snow yet....

    Great poem!



  10. OH I hear you. NH is having a true battering with the snow & ice & more predicted for this weekend! GRRRRR!

    It becomes a habit that when the alarm goes off in the morning you wait for the snow delay or snow day to be announced on the radio!


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