Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The menopausal look - let's start a fashion

I have a slight cold at the moment (not allowed to be anything more as I'm on my own with the kids this week). I probably caught it from one of my two boys off school yesterday. It's what I call a functioning cold; very like a functioning hangover, in that you can get on with life, but if you look down your head feels like it's going to drop off and there's a loud ringing sound.
Last night I slept badly, for reasons other than the snow-blowing that has been occuring at 3.45am of late. (Angry e-mail has put paid to that I think). I remember waking up hourly, and sweating profusely. This morning when I got up I looked in the mirror and thought "So this is what menopause is going to do".
Apart from the ever-present bags under my eyes, my normally very straight hair was literally all over the place. I looked like Medusa on a very bad day. Having been soaked and then slept on, there were chunks sticking out, parallel to the floor, brazenly defying gravity.
Now, like many straight-haired gals, I have spent most of my life trying to introduce "bounce" into my hair. I have slept with tightly rolled up strands pinned all over my head, forked out a fortune on curly perms (that thankfully ceased with the end of the 80's), and invested in every type of curling tong/iron or product marketed. I can't even say that I've made peace with my straight hair as I am known to tousle it occasionally when no one is looking, and still have layers cut to achieve that rock chic/rebel look. Alas, with three kids and a Toyota minivan, that dog ain't hunting, as they say.
Anyway, the big life question for today is, how come these sweat-induced kinks in my hair couldn't even be combed out when I have never previously been able to un-straighten it? I was going to say I should probably start planning a new look now, before menopausal night sweats kick in; there's no way I'm going through what I did this morning just to avoid looking like a bag lady. However, if the genetics in my mother's family are reliable, I will be about 72 before I even have to worry. By that time scraggy hair will probably be the least scary thing about me.


  1. Expat Mum,

    So nice of you to visit my blog! I see that we have a bit of a reverse situation -- I'm the expat in the UK, my husband is British, and I spent most of my life in Texas! Looks like I need to check out your book.

    Lucky you, too, living in Chicago. I lived "downstate" back in my junior high and high school days (Salem) but never lived in Chicago. It's one of my favorite cities, though.

    I'll link you, if I may, so that I can check in from time to time.

    OH...and I understand your menopause post better than I would like to admit...

    Happy "Fat Tuesday"!


  2. A hat, EPM. But not one like I bought back before Christmas. Oh no. I prescribe a hat you can WEAR.

  3. Janet - by all means, link away! Most of the time it's fun living in Chicago. We're a walk to the beach and the zoo, and two blocks from school so I can't complain - but I sometimes do!
    PM - alas, whenever I resort to a hat, someone at school asks me to come and talk to them about something. It looks rather odd taking one's coat off and leaving the hat on. I see now that my American friends all wear baseball hats so that you can leave them on, but I look totally ridiculous in them.

  4. I would like to recommend the wearing of a Chicago Cubs baseball cap - always fashionable, acceptable in mixed company, and capable of making even the raggiest lookin' woman look amazing. And that's the truth! And I have a question .. where is the crossword????

  5. lceel - As a season ticket holder, I couldn't agree more! Go Cubbies.
    Crossword - scroll down to the very bottom of the web site page then keep clicking. Let me know how you do.

  6. Expatmum, thank you for visiting my blog...glad you visited cause now I have discovered your blog and words!

  7. Just dropping in to say hi - we seem to have both recently been awarded an order of excellence....very exiting I thought....I used to be an expat - Hong Kong, Australia and Scotland (if that counts) and now back in London with my three kids (managed to somehow lose the husband along the way!). L x

  8. Expatmum - I'm shocked that after 17 years you're now a Cubs season ticket holder! You truly have thrown yourself fully into the American way of life, haven't you?!

    Maybe your immersion is now so complete that you should consider changing your nickname from 'expatmum' to 'mum'?!

  9. Mom!!!
    Actually my first two years of marriage were spent vacationing in the summer over Cooperstown way. Of course we just HAD to call in at the hall of fame. I actually now have quite an appreciation for the game. We are taking the kids to NYC for their spring break as my husband wants them to see Shea before it comes down.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  10. No, no, don't go for the baseball cap, not a look for a lady (which clearly you must be). What about a hoodie?

  11. Hairstraighteners are the saviour of menopausal hair, believe me!

    GHD are the best, bet they're cheaper in America than here!

  12. Elizabethm - For some reason hoodies drive me nuts! They bunch up under your coat. I went out the other day to buy some sweaters and came back empty-handed as they were all hoodies. Grr!
    SM - As someone with straight hair, I have never been tempted to make it even straighter. I would go for a pixie cut but my right ear sticks out further than my left!

  13. I've spent my life trying to make my wavy hair go straight. Perhaps we could arrange a swap.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! x

  14. At the risk of seeming inept and somewhat stoopid, I honestly can't find the crossword.

  15. What I demand to know is why no one (meaning my mother!!!) bothered to explain meno-hair to me! OMG! Frizzy, kinky, curly hair? Oi!

  16. Iceel - I think I have it. The crossword is on my website (www.rulesbritannia.com) as opposed to this blog. I have just gone there and opened it. At the very bottom of the main page it says someting like click to take the crossword. You then go to a second page and have the option to click for the crossword or the answers. No cheating. Hope this works.
    Annie - having not gone through m.pause yet, I am just assuming that a) you sweat in the night, and b) it does weird things to your hair. If anyone can convince me differently I will be a happier woman!

  17. Hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like a nasty cold virus, not functioning at all!

    Being on Tamoxifen I was expecting to be thrown into the hot flushes, but so far I've been ok, mildly warmer than before but no major flushes.
    I too was always curling hair, getting curly perms, gave up any hope of getting straight hair as hair has it's own waves!
    Baseball cap, oh no, def not a good look!

  18. Mchick - feeling better. Just sneezing very loudly and washing my hands a lot. Welcome.

    inthemud- love "mildly warmer than before"! I got sprayed with pesto last night when I opened a jar that was in the pantry and should have been in the fridge, so now sporting a completely different look. I will wash my hair as soon as I wipe all the kitcken cabinets and the floor down.


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