Monday, April 14, 2008

Right, where was I?

Back from our week in Florida, and of course the luggage had different ideas. Now have to sit and wait all day for them to arrive in their very own cab!
Our vacation/holiday went smoothly after 1) my mother's flight fiasco where she ended up taking the train to London etc. instead of flying BA, and 2) on the first day, 4 year old son threw a 6 inch, very hard plastic dragon at the 12 year old (in jest of course), which caused an inch long, gouging of the scalp and much blood. I was buggered if I was spending the day seeking medical assistance, and, as with most flesh wounds, the bleeding stopped quite quickly and I instructed him in no uncertain terms to leave it alone!
I am now back at my desk, covered in mosquito bites, and up to my armpits in bills and other tasks. So I am blogging of course.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong has tagged me, which gives me something to blog about instead of paying said bills.

Apparently I have to answer the questions below then pass this on to 5 other people:

What was I doing ten years ago?

Well, I had a two year old and a five year old, and we had just spent our same week off in Puerto Rico. The kids had a great time, as did their p's. If ever you're looking for a great Caribbean break, I recommend PR.

5 snacks I enjoy - Brie, Cheddar, Cheshire, Feta and Havarti.

Things I would do if I were a billionnaire -

- pay off the mortgage, plus kids' school and college funds
- pay off my family's mortgages etc.
- pay for the construction, salaries and student fees for the Tuskegee International school in Ghana, which is currently being built with shovels and wheelbarrows. (it still kills me that Oprah spent $40 million on one school, when most schools in Africa could be up and running for a fraction of that.)
- make a substantial contribution to my kids' private school so that it would stop asking me for money

5 jobs I have had -

Woolworth's cafeteria (Saturday Job)
Bread factory cleaner (college summer job)
Tampon factory worker (ditto) - living the good life!
Bar maid - (ditto)
Corporate Training Manager, London and Dallas (yawn)

3 bad habits - Brie, Feta and Havarti!

5 places I have lived-

Working backwards - Chicago, Dallas, London, Bristol, Criccieth (N. Wales)

5 people I want to know more about

- Madonna (what exactly drives that woman?)
- Angelina Jolie (ditto)
- George Bush - can he really be this dim?
- The Queen - does she have any friends?
- my kids - what goes on inside their heads?

I am tagging my fellow expat bloggers, (but no pressure) -

ExPat Kat
A Brit out of Water
Brit Gal Sarah
British Daffodilly
Janet at Lord Celery

OK, bills!


  1. Glad your holiday went somewhere towards being OK, apart from the luggage & the bleeding head (no I'm not swearing!) Blood spurts out of heads very easily, I have found. Glad you didn't have to go to hospital with it. (Not that you could go without it!)
    I have got you in a draft, as I was tagged too! Shit! I will alter it. This is what happens when you don't do it straight away! (Now I AM swearing!)

  2. Hoorah for holidays. I bet you're feeling like you now need another holiday to recover from this one?

  3. Glad your mum arrived in Florida ok and that you all got home. The airlines have been pretty chaotic both sides of the Atlantic recently!

  4. Blogging is EXCELLENT displacement activity... I am not going to list the things I'm displacing because that will send me into a decline and then I'll have to blog about it, and so they'll get put off still further and oh... What's the point? Pour me another glass, please.

  5. Welcome back and well done for taking a week off blogging - I couldn't quite cope with the withdrawal symptoms! I've got to do that tagging questionnaire too x

  6. I hope you missed that bad weather Chicago was having. I thought of you as I watched the weather channel.

  7. Glad to have you back, I missed you lots in blogworld.

    I will get around to the tag this week :-)

  8. Hi all, Luggage turned up yesterday afternoon. The airlines must waste so much money taxiing luggage after the owners. Apparently they needed to make the take-off slot otherwise we would have been delayed a few hours. It was on the next flight, so my question is, how did they know they would have enough weight allowance on the next flight? There were at least 30 people without bagagge.

  9. love the idea of wanting to know what goes on in your kids' heads. And, ah, The Queen! How sad is that! Not interested in ole fattylips Jolie though. ANd what's Havarti, or don't I want to know. I'm guessing cheese, going by brie and feta, in which case I most def DO want to know.

  10. That is a great post and better than paying bills! I lived in North Wales once too... not far from Wrexham and nearer still to Llay. :0)

    Glad the holiday (eventually) went smoothly!

  11. Milla- I tried to add a link here but haven't got the patience. I googled Havarti and it is a semi soft Danish cheese. Over here, you can buy it with herbs (pronounced "erbs") and things added, which makes it nicer.
    Anyway, see new post for latest disaster....

  12. Hi expm, and thanks for those answers - very interesting. You obviously do like cheese! Yes, knowing what goes on in childrens' heads would be interesting - though maybe now mine are grown, perhaps not! M xx


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