Saturday, April 5, 2008

Swimming in the Rain

So we're all excited about the upcoming Florida vacation/holiday tomorrow, especially after the long, Siberian winter we have had - or are still having it would seem. My mother's journey over to meet us is now all sorted. Anything else is beyond our control; although isn't that mostly the case with air travel?

Poor oldest son only has two pairs of nylon school gym shorts that fit, but I think he'll just have to wait till we get there. Since he's decided to go to the Cubs baseball game with his dad, followed immediately by a baseball practice, he will definitely have to wait.  I personally think some of the rejected shorts fit, but apparently any hem approaching the knee just won't do. And of course the crotch has to be hanging at least ten inches below the real one. Why these kids want to walk around looking like old men beats me, but I draw the line at visible underwear or "butt cracks" as they are crudely called here. (I have given up banning the phrase entirely, as it's common parlance over here, but I really can't have them hanging out all over the place).


Meanwhile long, lean teenage daughter is insisting everything still fits - which it does since a) she just grows up and not out, and b) she wears all skirts and trousers perched dangerously close to her nether regions, instead of on her natural waist.  Is it me or do young girls these days seem not to know what a waistline is because they sure as heck don't fasten their clothes there? Me - I am dragging the same, tired old summer wear out. I must have done the previously mentioned "What Not to Wear" on myself after storing away all the summer gear, as it's still here in all its faded glory. What I should do is buy some decent attire in Florida, and chuck the stuff that has no business taking up valuable baggage allowance space. Who am I kidding? That would entail shopping, and that's a chore in my book. I have made a small effort by slathering on that skin cream that gives you a "glow", otherwise known as false tan in cream. And yes, it's gone a bit streaky, but it's still so faint that no one will notice.  (I always opt for the "no one will be looking that closely anyway" approach.)


Anyway, a fashion discussion may not be relevant as the forecast for Miami is hot but rainy, at least for the first few days. Do I care - hell, no?  Not having to get up at 7 and harangue three kids till they leave for school just to escape me is a relaxing break in my book. And I have promised the little one that he can swim in the pool no matter the weather. Lightening excluded of course, especially since he wants to take an umbrella for protection!


Probably won't blog while away - unless something really weird happens. (Which is not that remote when I think about my life.)


  1. Teenagers and clothes! Don't go there. Just did the torturous tour of the mall last night with DD2. So glad we live in the country so I don't do it often.
    Looking forward to not having to get up early myself this week. Spring break has finally arrived here too. We've been going since 2nd Jan. Boy, do I miss those British half-term vacs!
    Have a fun time x

  2. My seven-year old wears all her clothes flying low on her hips too! Now I'm even more convinced she's secretly a teenager underneath that munchkin exterior. Do you get the moods and door-slamming as well?

    Hope you have a nice break (although I often find the Mum ends up doing same old same old just different wallpaper...)

    By the way, eek! what happened to your font size? Some of your fans (this one at least) are getting on a bityou know!

  3. I hope you have a great time and get a rest. And hope your mum enjoys it too when she eventually gets there!

    Swimming in the rain has been done by my teenager. :0)

  4. have a great holiday! i usually do the gravy-tan streak look here in the uk about june, when it might be warm enough to move out the orang-utangs nesting in the thickets of leg hair, deforest the calves and expose these delicate leg regions to some british suntime...

  5. Have a great time.

    Young people these days. They just don't appreciate a good waistline. I suppose they do, actually, since they know just how to show it off nude. I'm just so glad that hipster fashions hadn't been invented in my young days. There was quite enough pressure to have a flat stomach as it was, without having to reveal it to the world.

    Last summer, I bought my 3 year old a nice pair of full-length trousers, which sat just below her waist. They were sized for a 4 year old, but I just thought they were labelled a bit wrong. Now I'm a bit more savvy about girls' fashions, I realise they were in fact intended to be hipster capris, and she is wearing them as such this summer. That's economy for you.

  6. Enjoy the sunshine! It's certainly been a bit brisk oop north.

  7. Great plans - I hope they work out. I know the thing about waistlines is weird - my Daughter calls her belt a "waist belt" and wears it somewhere around her ribs!! I don't get it. BTW there's an Award for you at my place when you get a mo! Margot xx

  8. Have a great holiday. There is an award waiting at my place when you get back.

  9. Have a great break EPM. And maybe use the rainy days to mall walk, and 'accidentally' end up purchasing a new summer wardrobe. Now, if only I could take my own advice...

  10. Thanks for everyone's kind comments. Just to bring you up to date, mt mother's Sunday evening BA flight was cancelled! No room on any other flights and not enough time on the Monday morning to get the 6.50am and connect to the Miami flight. Poor thing ended up paying over one hundred pounds for a train to Kings Cross and then had to make her way to the heathrow hotel at about 11 at night.
    Anyhow, she is now safe with us in Key Biscayne, near Miami. We have a gorgeous house with a pool, and have already shopped for son's shorts and daughter's bikini.
    Had one accident already which I will tell about. Since it happened on Day One, there will surely be more. All good blog material.
    Now for my pinot grigio out on the terrace.

  11. Glad you're having a good time.


    And stop blogging!

    Still not able to log in to comment since she's moved to Wordpress - is this a sign?

  12. Hi Expatmum, that sounds just great. Any spare room? Anyway, just something to look forward to when you come back - I've Tagged you and will look forward to your answers when you get the time! Rules and Rags over at my place. M :)

  13. Enjoying the warmth of Florida although we have all banned each other from going out in the sun. We are a very pale family and it's just not worth the pain!
    Thanks for all these fab awards. I will paste them up when I get back. American Airlines is canceling hundreds of flight per day so it will be a miracle if we get back to Chicago on Sunday, but we'll see! Stuck in Florida? What a drag!

  14. Holiday! I could weep. Husband has just gone to France for 5 days on a jolly with his mates and every blog I turn to has some wretched soul making merry with the suitcase. All I have to do is walk the bloody dog. Stamp.

  15. Milla - you seem to be a saint. Wasn't he off for a jolly not so long ago or am I thinking of someone else?


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