Friday, April 18, 2008


I was wondering a few posts back if I somehow create the dramas in my life, but this is the ultimate proof that I don't, (unless I have powers beyond my comprehension).
At 4.39am I awoke to what I thought was rain coming down the supposedly capped chimney above me. Ping, ping, ping. "Oh, give me a break" I thought; not only do I have to manage the leaking shower/damaged ceiling in the guest room, now the chimney guys have to come out.
But wait, this sound is a little too musical for rain. I then realised that the huge metal leafy sculpture thing I have on the mantlepiece was going beserk. "What the?". I sat up to investigate, at which point my bed started doing the scene from the Exorcist, and I was almost being thrown around. Eh? Fifteen seconds later when the shaking had stopped, I could hear something in my son's room not far away. Ran into there but couldn't quite find it, by which time all was calm, although my mother and daughter seemed to be running around on the floor below me.
Yes, you've guessed it. Earthquake!!!
Apparently it happened either in Indiana or Southern Illinois and measured 5.4 on the richter scale. I'm not even sure if Chicago has ever had an earthquake, but if Lincolnshire can have one, so can we.
I now have to attend a school meeting looking like I haven't slept in a week (what's new?) as I never went back to sleep. I can console myself with the fact that many others were probably awakened too, and will be looking equally bedraggled.
Eeh by gum. I'm tempted to say "What next?" but with my luck, there will be something else tomorrow.


  1. Seems like you're not having much luck at the moment. Don't worry, it just means there's a big pile of horseshoes getting bigger by the second as it waits for you to trip over it!

  2. Was wondering how you'd all fared. Glad there's no damage. Wierd feeling, isn't it.

    Your mum's going to have a lot of stories to tell when she gets back home!

    Hope the after shocks have been ok. Sounds like a stiff G&T's in order!!

    BTW, we seem to have swapped phenomenen. We now have your snow. Yes, it is the middle of April, but it's coming down thick and fast again.

  3. at least earthquakes are kind of exciting - compared with bulgy patterns in ceilings. Being a grown up is rubbish though sometimes, and having to deal with it all, isn't it. Sorry mine was so long, sometimes a girl just has to rant about the REALLY important things in life, like rubbish adverts. We, too, do get the "hey, I'm just so nice I have to have three girly girlfriends to laugh too much / go roller skating with" type leads. But also lots of horribly smug, solitary, love-in ones. And get that ceiling fixed. YOu just know it's not going to go away,although 70 stairs from top to bottom is just showing off ... or, alot of hoovering!

  4. PS - all of which meant In The Best Possible Taste, naturally! (didn't mean to sound *rsey about the, gulp, 70 stairs - just sounds more office block than domestic.!)

  5. M - I don't hoover them myself!!! Way too old to be slaving like that any more!
    And my mother is probably one of the only people in England who can claim to have been in two earthquakes in as many months! She's not coming here again!
    CELEBRATE - so warm in Chicago we grilled/BBQ'd AND ate outside this evening. Probably back to parkas tomorrow.

  6. Glad you are all ok, what a week you're having!

  7. without drama, what is the point of life?


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