Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Postcards from Across the Pond

So I met this bloke in the blogosphere. That would be Mike, over at Postcards From Across the Pond. We have quite a bit in common - he's an American in England, finding quite a lot to write about, and I'm the reverse. And he's really funny.

And I really, really, shouldn't be talking about this since he's the competition, but you gotta give a good writer some recognition. And here's the very best part - MIKE HAS LANDED A PUBLISHING CONTRACT- and his book's coming out very soon.

If you haven't come across Mike, take a peek at his blog and then tell everyone in England to buy the book (and mine while they're at it.) As an American, Mike has some wry and interesting views on all things English. He tells some hilarious stories about his first game of rounders, his first shopping trip without his wife, and his attempts to find a post office. It's obvious from his writing, that he loves England, and any digs at the culture are far outdone by the digs at himself. His book will appeal to Brits as well as expat or visiting Americans. You find yourself saying "No, we don't do that. Well, not all the time..."

I am flattered to have been asked to write the forward for his book, and though my agent would kill me for promoting a competitior, it has to be done. (Should I be asking for a 10% fee?)

To acknowledge his literary skills and success I am passing on this award, which was recently given to me by several bloggy friends:



  1. will take a look!
    What is the weather like over there?

  2. Will take a gander later on.
    It is so cold here. Bits of me falling off! Hope it is better your way!

  3. I always say there is enough room in this world for one book (and handbag but dont tell Mr bah humbug)

    I discovered this chap a while ago he is funny and very smart, very interesting and writes well so reads easily...I concur.

  4. Hush now, you're making me blush.

    Expatmum, thanks for the plug, and the award!

  5. I found Mike, or shall I say he found me about a month ago when he commented on my blog. I can't wait to read his book also. Expat--your book is sitting on my nightstand now. Review to follow...look for it on my blog.
    It is generous of you to help out a fellow writer. Good on ya!

  6. Thanks for the tip Expat Mum.
    You are my favourite though..

  7. Jo, and Maggie - it is BLOODY freezing here. I thought it was cold in the NE of England, but when those winds come down from Canada (or the Arctic) brrr!

    FF&F, yes, Mike's work is very easy to read isn't it.

    Mike - no problem. I actually met with a lot of kindness and support from other writers. It must be in the genes. Either that or we all know we'll never make much money so we might as well make each other feel good!

    Melissa - Hope you enjoy it. Would you mind marking up anything that's out of date for when I do the revised version. Thanks.

    ACTTF - Shucks!

  8. I've read his blog from time to time, and yes, he's a good read.

    A publishing deal is a feather in one's cap, but being asked to write a foreword.... Now that's being given a whole peacock's tail to stick in it. Congrats to you too.

  9. Thanks for your suggestion on Hadriana's blog to look at Straight No Chaser on You tube - I loved it!

    Looking forward to some time to read Postcards ... but congrats on being asked to do the foreword!

  10. Well I might put in on my must read list. Sounds a bit Bill Brysony if he will excuse the comparison. and plenty of room for more good writing!

  11. Sounds good EPM - and so sorry, but I've tagged you - twice. I'm nothing if not efficient...

  12. I have to say I've been reading his blog (when I can) but found it via you in the first place. You are very supportive, expatmum, and a very canny (in the best possible North Eastern sense)...lass...

    Well done to both of you!

  13. mum, *Now* I hear about his 'imminent' book coming out? I have been sat here like his granddad for the past couple of weeks encouraging him, like a lemon. I even pointed out a typo of his (a bad one, granted) and I seem to recall grumpy old ken also doing a bit of proof-reading on him! To top it all, he approaches you, my favourite girl-friend, behind my back, and immediately wins your affection. I am hacked-off, good and proper. I saw you first. ;-)

  14. Oh get away you big softie. Here's the story - Mike and I have been communicating for most of the time I've been blogging, which was back in Feb or March I think. He had self published his book without much success (it's very difficult to get the distribution and PR without a publisher). When he said he was going to put it on the back burner I sent him a few suggestions, one of which he followed up and Voila. A proper publishing deal.
    The book has been proofed again, added to and has a new cover.
    Mike is now discovering that "getting yourself out there" is twice the work that writing the bloody thing ever was!

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  16. Great one Expat Mum!
    I will take a look at his Blog... always so great to see good and talented people get a break! x

  17. Hi ExpatMum,
    this is Debs, Mike's publisher at LeanMarketingPress, thanks for writing the foreword, it's excellent (of course). I've just ordered your book to read and I'll post a review for you on Amazon. I'm a Brit living in Spain (the weather is quite nice here!)


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