Thursday, 22 October 2009

Really Good Competition/Free Stuff

OK, stay with me now, there are a few links in this post. I confess to being a blog reader who clicks away from a post when there are a lot of links. If I can't read something all at once, I tend to get lazy, bored and depressed - a bit like my 6 year old when he's had enough of the reading homework. Please don't do that here or you'll miss out. Anyone can compete here and anyone can win.

OK, so there's a great new London guide coming out on November 4th. No- don't groan. Called "24 Hours: London", this is completely different and even if you've lived all your life in London, I guarantee you'll find new things to do - at any hour of the day or night. I was planning to write my review nearer its release date of November 4th, but events have taken over so, needs must.

So, my Pond Parleys (sorry but I have to give you that link) co-host, the hilarious Mike Harling posted his own version of Marsha's new book. It's really funny - "24 Hours: Horsham". Please, take a look at the original post, or just pop over to Marsha's post (link below) to read it.

So then Marsha decided it was such a great post, (see Mike's comment section if you want to witness the birth of a great marketing idea) she's inviting others to do their own version of 24 Hours. And there it is. "Bwala" - as my little guy says.

Go to Marsha's blog, read the guidelines and write your 24 Hours. If you want to keep your location secret, how about writing the 24 Hour guide to where you grew up, or a place you used to live.

Come on! You can do it! I know some of you live in the Lakes, the mid-west, Canada, the Pacific north-west, Long Island, and other fabulous places. There's nothing to lose and a (fab) book and a t-shirt to win. Get writing and send it in. Or send it to me and I'll forward it.

Legal stuff - I'm in the US - For disclosure purposes, I have no professional or familial relationship with Marsha. She guest posted on my Pond Parleys blog once. I received a PDF version of 24 Hours for review purposes. (Seriously - we have to do this now.)
And I'm not joining in as I already have the PDF version and too many t-shirts.


  1. This was a great post - very helpful for someone about to uproot from NY and headed to London! thank you! I'll keep my eye on your blog from now on. - Erin

  2. Thanks for the post! I can't wait to see what your readers come up with...!

  3. Nice ot know I can come up with really good marketing ideas...for other people ;) This looks like fun. I'll certainly be checking all the 24 Hour posts.

    As for the "Legal Stuff" (and sorry to do this to you), here is a link to another blogger who had to disclose -- you must read this:

  4. That is one funny post. (not mine - the one above).

  5. Where's my giveaway? Just kidding... did put up the "and yet" part, if you're still interested...


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