Monday, September 20, 2010

Sarah Palin - No Friend of Females

As a "feminist" (oooh, scary word) you'd think that, even though I am poles apart from Sarah Palin politically, I'd be pleased to have another female on the scene? Let me tell you why Palin is no friend of females over at PowderRoomGrafitti.



  1. She's not only no friend of females, she's no friend of the USA. Please don't elect her as president America - you'll be doing yourselves no favours and the rest of the world will be, um, incredulous to put it mildly.

  2. What a great article. I remember when I first heard a female was up for the job and I was thrilled. Then I actually heard what she had to say and it was appalling. So yes - great to have a woman in the job, but not if it's the wrong one.

    On that note, let's not be scared to declare ourselves feminists (this isn't directed at you, Expat Mum!). People who absolutely agree with equality but don't think they are feminists have got their terminology wrong. I say this out of despair at the number of women I know who roll their eyes at it all, thinking it's no longer relevant or as one friend put it "I like being a woman." Argh!!!

    There. Rant over.


  3. CL - Up until yesterday I would have said there was no chance, but apparently at some speech on Sunday she said she'd "give it a shot" if people wanted her to run for Prez. Dear Lord.

    Mid 30s - rant away. I totally agree with you. I like being a woman (most of the time) but it doesn't mean I have to settle for inequality.

  4. She is an embarassment to women. Then again she has a serious fan base???? wtf! So there must be a Huuuuuge amount of stupid women out there who think she's the bees knees...again, completely confusing to me, but I'm a radical liberal democrat (or so they say)

    Shocking...anywhere else she'd be laughed out of the room.

  5. Yes, someone else quite comfortable to be a feminist! I like being female and am quite fond of the whole lipstick thing when I scrub up (less and less up here on my hill but still do from time to time) but if drives me nuts that people are shy of using the word. And so agree about Sarah Palin, the woman would be a joke if there wasn't a serious threat of her achieving some sort of power.

  6. Just want to say how much I loved all those comments!! If we put our heads together we could rule the world. :-)


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