Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

There's a lot going on in my house at the moment (as usual), and it's making for some very weird dreams.  I have always been a "dreamer" and can usually remember them the following morning in great, chronological detail. My mother is the same and when we're together we can spend hours relaying the rubbish we dreamt the night before. The Ball & Chain, (who seems never to dream) can't believe how much we can remember, as well as how Alice in Wonderland the dreams are.

At the moment, we have two weeks till the Queenager takes off for college. Argh! Don't remind me. I may have to kidnap her and hide her away till she forgets all about this silly notion of leaving home. She's driving to DC with the Ball & Chain, while her brothers and I are taking the plane a few days later. What? One of them has camp on the Friday and the other has a rock performance. I swear.  As a sweetener, we're stopping in Cleveland, Ohio on the way back - to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I can't wait and I don't care about anyone else!

But back to the dreams. The other night, I dreamt we had already accompanied her to DC and while the men left, I hid myself somewhere, (that detail escapes me) and pitched up at breakfast on her first morning in a huge, fluffy housecoat. She was, needless to say, mortified! I made the mistake of telling her about the dream, and now I think she's worried that I really won't be able to leave her there.

When I was younger, some of my dreams used to come true - especially when I was stressed. I'm just hoping I can resist the temptation to make a complete fool of both me and the Q!


  1. I'm a dreamer, too, and Mr. Logical always laughs at me when I can remember the entire story lines of my dreams. Sounds like the impending DC trip is looming large in your subconscious, and I am (selfishly) glad that Son #1 is staying here in Seoul for at least the first semester!
    The Q will thoroughly enjoy school in DC. Our home base in the US was always northern Virginia and my mother in law still lives there and works on Capitol Hill (as did I for a year right out of grad school.) Such a fun city in which to be young. Still have fond memories of seeing Elvis Costello at American U...or maybe it was Georgetown.
    You will behave admirably when the time comes!

  2. Perhaps she's remembering the Mom Pants! (Ah, that makes me feel nostalgic for our early blogging days.)

  3. Iota - ooh, what was that again?

  4. I am also a dreamer, remember most of them far to clearly and for some reason always feel compelled to tell the people that were in the dream about it. It never does me any favours, I just sound incredibly weird.

  5. Stress dreams! I sure hope they actually help us process things, because otherwise they'd be even more of a pain.


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