Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And finally....London and Home Counties

Straight No Chaser are winding up their UK tour in London (Feb 18th at Union Chapel, N1) and Fareham (Feb 19th). And yes - I'm giving away pairs of tickets to lucky commenters, plus a Meet & Greet for one grand winner at each show.

If you haven't seen my previous blogs, SNC (as they're known by their fans ;-) are a fab group of a cappella singers, covering everything from Madonna to Mowtown. Here's a clip of them doing - Auld Lang's Syne.

So - just leave a comment below and make sure I can get in touch with you. If you want to e-mail me an e-mail address privately, you can send it to In the event of more than 10 commenters per show, my trusty 8 year old will shout out random numbers (while blind-folded and in another room) and the corresponding commenter will be deemed the winner.

Winners to be announced on Feb 8th.

Good luck!


  1. What an amazing ensemble. I love a capella singing... well, all singing really. And they're gooooood!

    Clever competition, btw... one where the closing date is BEFORE the post is published!!


    Their Christmas mixes make me swoon.

    I would kill - okay, maybe maim - to go to one of their shows! This is great!

  3. admittedly it might increase my chances of getting tickets if I spell their name right...

  4. I would love, love, love to see them!!! What a great giveway!!

  5. They sound great! I'm not commenting to enter - I'm out of town that day - but great competition!

  6. Wow would love to go and see them and as they not brave enough to venture down to the south east coast (which is a shame as we have a lovely theatre which is very well supported) then a trip to London combined with seeing my old friend Jenny would be great, especially if the tickets were complimentary!!! Shame you won't be in uk to enjoy an evening with your old mates from the 80's!!!

  7. OMG - they're all men!! Surely there's one there that's single and is looking for an ageing divorcee with three ridiculous children and no singing voice whatsoever??

    I think I should definitely be the one to interview them.

    It's only fair.....


    yes, I know I"m talking rubbish but never mind. It's a competition with apparently no rules.

  8. I am going on my very first overseas trip to London to see my man....I would LOVE to go see them while I am there!

    My email is

  9. Many thanks, expatmum, for contacting me today. We're very much looking forward to seeing them at Newcastle SAGE. I've not been to SAGE before nor seen SNC although from their clips they look and sound brilliant!

    Very chuffed about all of this. A rare night out for us! Yoohoo! C/H xx

  10. If I comment twice do I get my name entered twice? I wasn't sure if my email was attached last time. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  11. Sadly I won't be there, but thanks for introducing me to this group - I hadn't known about them before.

  12. Just to let everyone know, my Cardiff winner came back from the concert and tweeted that they were fantastic! Yay!

  13. OK, well guess what Betsy, Selena, Stoneheap Mum, Metropolitan, Family Affairs and Cheri - You're ALL winners. Yay, you're all the lucky winners of a pair of tickets.
    AND the winner of the meet & greet (randomly selected number by my 8 y/o) is Stoneheap Mum.

    You will all be hearing from a member of the management agency (Stilleto Entertainment) about picking up your tickets, so keep an eye on your junk mail folders.

  14. OMG Thank you so, SO much!! I know I will never forget this trip! :D


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