Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trapped Abroad

Many expats find themselves "trapped abroad" in situations they never anticipated. Pop over to my column at Expat Focus to read more.

PS. The competition for Concert tickets to Straight No Chaser is still running on the previous post.


  1. Great piece on many things we'd never thought about. Just realised we didn't consider any of the consequences of moving from London to California, not sure if that was a good or bad thing...

  2. Lots of good points here. Especially about the education system - I know English families here with older kids who cannot conceive of going back for that reason, and even with my smaller kids it's going to be very hard. Also, totally agree about the cost of moving. We spent so much money moving out here - we are not on an expat 'package' so nothing was paid for, and it was up to us to fund the shipping of stuff, putting down deposits for rentals and buying cars, and huge amounts of purchases (such electrical equipment) that are required when moving to a new country.

  3. Headed over...can't wait to see what I find and what mischief you're up to...

  4. An aspect that many people don't think about is the way the ease with which you can visit "home" changes. I have lived in the UK for over thirty years and as an older person with health conditions,the cost of travel insurance to go to visit friend and family has become near prohibitive for us.

    Peter Bond

  5. Gosh - I hadn't even thought of that Peter. Very good point indeed.

  6. Some good points. There are certainly risks involved with moving to another country. I guess it can get harder to go back as time goes on.


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