Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Captcha Translations

Although I hate them almost enough not to comment on blogs, I confess to being rather fascinated with word verification and captcha phrases. I have blogged about this before, but can't resist another stab at translating and defining the ones I've seen recently.

"meta bilxtra" -  A rare and dangerous form of indigestion, causing sufferers to balloon to extra large proportions.   (Lady Bird World Mother)

"enamenti teneas" - An Italian vacation resort currently known only to the locals but about to become the next "Ibiza"( Exmoor Jane)

"mistry alfante" - Mistry/mistri is actually a word used for a master craftsman in India, so this is obviously a secret message from Hadriana, who needs some tasteful work done on her B&B.  (Hadriana's Treasures)

"thott ownlande" -  Next season's addition to the cast of Sherlock Holmes. (Not Enough Mud)

"rfetwh hissai" -  A chain of Welsh luxury hotels in and around Cardigan Bay. (Mommy has a Headache)

Actually that was quite a lot of work so only try it if you've a spare hour or two on your hands. I do recommend visiting all the great blogs though.


  1. Those are very good.
    My main problem is that some of them are very difficult to read, and I type it in wrong, even though I'm not a robot. Is that just me?

  2. No, definitely not. The new ones are ridiculous. The first word seems to be twirly italics that are so difficult to read, it's an effort. I have found sometimes, that if you type an approximation, it's graciously allows you to leave a comment. I may have to stage a full-scale blog revolt against the whole practice though. I"m just like that.

  3. I had no idea that my WV had changed to this new format as I find it utterly confusing and it usually takes me several goes to get it right!

    Love the definition of mine though Expat mum. And if it could deliver me a Benedict Cumberpatch I'd be quite happy!

  4. That's great, I frequently find myself trying to puzzle out what they might mean...

  5. You are not alone in hating them by any means. I don't know why blogger changed from the old system (although I've heard they own capcha) but nobody I know likes the change.

    But... I found out you don't really have to get them right. Go ahead and try it-- misspell a letter in each word on purpose. You'll still get your comment accepted more often than not. So what's the point? I guess "close enough" means you're a human too. :)


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