Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Few Facts About Your Eyesight

So I went to the eye doctor (as they say here) on Thursday. (They also seem to use the word optometrist rather than optician BTDubs.)

I hadn't been for yonks although my eyesight is fairly decent - for my age. I am a little short-sighted but always wear my glasses for driving, and I can still read menus without having to ask the waiter to hold it two feet from the table. (Younger readers - many people start complaining that "the print's too small" when they reach their mid-40's.)

It was when I barely scraped through the vision portion of my driving licence/license renewal in September that I thought "Uh oh, better get them checked." So I popped in there yesterday.

The nice lady eye doc complimented me, saying that my close-up vision (or whatever it's called) is very good  - for my age. "That's nice", I thought, "Although it's not really a compliment seeing as how it's not really anything to do with me."

And that was my first error. It's all within our control. Taking care of your eyes, and wearing the correct correction (be that glasses or lenses) plays a huge part in keeping those muscles and nerves healthy.

She then asked me if I'd ever bought those over-the-counter reading glasses, and I had to admit that I have a pair. Not wanting to give my kids lethal doses of anti-histamine or expectorant, I have a pair to hand to read those pesky dosage instructions that, by rights, should be on the back of a stamp.

"OK", she said,  "But never wear more than a 0.75 prescription".


"Er, why's that then?"

"Because it will negatively affect your distance vision. More so at your age." (Those bloody words again.)

So there you go. If you're wearing those fab over-the-counter specs, you may be able to read menus and pill bottle, but be careful that they're not too strong or you could find yourself getting hit by the bus you didn't see.


  1. Hmm - I've never seen a 0.75 prescription pair for sale - the weakest seems to be 1.25. Lucky you not needing reading glasses - my arms just aren't long enough to manage without them any more. I have to wear 1.5. The really cheap ones are just that though - really cheap and not worth the money!

  2. Optometrist - one who gives eye examinations and prescribes glasses/lenses.

    Optician - One who makes your glasses/lenses.

    Ophthalmologist - an eye surgeon.

    Oculist - I don't know. One who dabbles in the occult?

    Obstetrician - nothing to do with eyes.

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  4. Oh no! I've just obtained a lovely flowery pair from Primark that I'd only use to read pill bottles and Paris maps, to be fair!

    I got sick of borrowing my hubby's shabby ones!

    My optician, for such they are called here, did say it was all right to do so, but I'm not sure that I've got the right number, but it's definitely over .75!

    Yikes! I am as blind as a bat, although corrected with glasses/contact lenses since I was a baby bat. I am at risk of buses, chiefly the Number 1 and the 308, you remember those, Expatrice?! ;)

    Have a fine week!

    Fhi xxx

  5. I am officially old as I wear varifocals.

  6. Yes, we call them optometrists because they give the exam and write the prescription for the glasses which is sent off to the optician to be made.

    I've had glasses for the last ten years and I never wear them. At the last appointment I graduated to progressive lenses as a result of all the time I spend on the computer. Optometrist said that eyes naturally change after the age of 40 and many, many people change over to bifocals in their 40's. Still, I refuse to wear them basically because I feel it's a hassle to carry them around all the time, forget them, etc.

    I've tried the OTC glasses and I guess because I have a astigmatism, I can't find a strength that works for me.

  7. Fingers crossed, my eyesight seems to be holding out, despite being 46! :-)

  8. I am going through a bit of a transition at the moment where my far-sight is getting better and my close sight is suffering. I've had to have varifocals for the first time, which is so frustrating!

  9. OH. I use those when I want to show off about how good my eyesight is (although not about how good I look in thick lenses)....Lx

  10. oh heck, got myself a pair of OTC sunglasses with a 1.75 reading lens in the bottom. i'm going to go blind aren't i? but i love 'em.

  11. I'm 42 and have been thinking recently that it might be time to get reading glasses as well as my normal ones. I'm fine all day but I'm struggling with reading and doing puzzles in the evening, which is what I enjoy doing.

    These thoughts make me feel very very old indeed.

    Although I'm sure they are actually printing labels smaller than they used to!


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