Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bidding the Queenager Goodbye

My daughter, the Queenager, is turning twenty. Yes, I know,  - how could I possibly have a twenty year old? It seems like only yesterday that I was faced with the c-section from hell after it was discovered you were facing out instead of in, your head was jammed in the pelvic canal (or whatever it's called) and my uterus had basically thrown the towel in. Pity it took 14 hours to come to that conclusion, but never mind. (Not that I'm scarred or anything. Well, actually I am scarred but we won't go into that.)

Anyway, the point is that at the grand old age of twenty, she will NO LONGER be a Queenager. I'll have to come  up with a different nickname for her on the blog.

Any ideas?

Oh and PS. Happy Birthday Q. xxxx


  1. Oh happy birthday to Q. And thanks for sharing your birth story, Toni - just the thing to go with my porridge this morning.

    She'll just have to be known as The Queen now. Or how about the Duchess (of Washington rather than Cambridge?)

  2. I was going to say the Queen (but with a lower case t, to distinguish her from the real thing).

  3. Queen B, Twenty not out, 20-20 for the cricketing fans, could be at this all night - will be waking up midnight Sydney time going I've got it, the perfect pun.


  4. They grow so quickly! Happy birthday to you both (I still think we should celebrate getting through it all!)

  5. I've had one turn 20 and one to soon turn 20. It's a shock to the system (mine, not theirs).

    I like the idea of just calling her "Q"

  6. Happy birthday to her! I wish I had an idea for a new name, but I don't. I figure mine will still be going by Man-Child when he turns 30.

  7. Aren't they all Man-children at the end of the day Gigi?

    I like the idea of calling her Q, although if people haven't been reading this blog for long they'll wonder why on earth she's Q when her name.......Oh wait. I've got it. Queenie. Still relevant and yet...


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  9. I like Q/Queenie!

    We have a recently turned 20 yo. I asked her 'do you feel 20'? and she sighed and said 'sometimes I feel so much older...'

    (How would she know what older feels like?)

  10. PS I meant also to say happy birthday to Q and C-day to you ;)

  11. Happy belated birthday to Q! Queenie sounds fine to me.

  12. Happy Birthday to the Queenager. I guess she will always be the queen of the household, so maybe call her Queenie or Queenty now she's reached the twenties and go on to Queentyone etc!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  13. Queenie! And now that you don't need the name Queenager anymore - can I use it for little L? She'll only be four in April, but she's got ALL the attitude and more... :)


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