Friday, July 19, 2013

Phew - How Hot?

I gather it's a little hot in the UK at the moment. We're also having a heat wave in many parts of the US, although these temps aren't as unusual and we have a few tricks up our sleeve for combatting the heat.

My latest column at the BBC America "Mind the Gap" web site has a few suggestions that might help everyone.

Click here to have a little read, and stay cool man.


  1. I've been having to laugh every time the weather comes on and they start blathering about the heat wave here in the US. I understand that there ARE parts of the country that are experiencing unusually high temperatures...but not here; it's ALWAYS this hot (and humid) in the summer - so when the local weatherman starts in I laugh.

    All that said, I'd DIE if we didn't have air conditioning everywhere here.

  2. It's been in the high 80s (and up into the 90s at one point) here in Sussex for the past week and is scheduled to continue for at least another week. This is practically unheard of; it has the locals in a tizzy but I'm loving it, even without air conditioning.

  3. I have been laughing at myself a lot during this British 'heat wave'. I'm in my living room DYING of heat and freaking out and I'm all '30C?! kiss my behind!'
    Then I translate that and think:'It's not even freaking HOT! It's like 80 something! What has happened to me?'
    I am hating this hot UK weather though. It is NOT ok and I want my clouds back!


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