Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Anyone ever worn Spanx or something similar?

I have to admit that every time I attempt mine, I end up ripping them off in disgust. Unless you're one of those women that models the Spanx and doesn't really need to wear them in the first place, everything is fine and dandy underneath but focus on either end, and well, it's not pretty. If Spanx is going to work for me, it's gonna have to be a full body version. I have skinny ankles so a couple of inches of overspill at that end won't matter, and I'll just stuff the other end into a pony tail and make it look like I have really thick hair!

And let's not forget the hit-by-a-car concern. It's bad enough worrying about wearing shabby underwear but can you imagine being carted off to hospital in huge great big Spanx. When they finally stopped laughing at you, they'd have to cut you out of them.


  1. I once wore a Spanxy-type pair of Bridget Jones' Granny Pants (before Spanx were around), and they were so constricting that I ended the evening with dreadful indigestion.

    I liked the video.

    When will a pot belly be a fashion must-have? Wouldn't that be great?

  2. That actress is fantastic and my new personal hero for 'outing' all of our 'beauty' secrets. I wore a Spanxlike garment when I was asked to be in a wedding a mere 6 months after #1 was born. I was miserable, and it didn't do anything to make the dress look any better on me. In fact, I think all the fat that the Spanx displaced just ended up bulging out in really odd places. At least without the Spanx I had a normal - if rotund and wobbly -figure. Am definitely sharing this with everyone I know - MrL will definitely laugh.

  3. Well in the past, many moons ago, most of us squashed ourselves into *girdles* to appear slimmer. It was the norm. Then came the liberated 60s,70s & 80s ....... we didn't worry about our figures that had been ruined to childbirth. Its a relief to know that I don't have to worry too much now....... though a contraption like that might be useful when I wear a dress at my son't forthcoming wedding!
    Na...... I won't be doing that. let it all hang out and don't look at the photos is my motto!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. They are almost as restricting as girdles in my opinion Maggie. As a claustrophobic person, I have to breathe deeply when trying one and the combination of that, and not really being able to feel the clothes on my skin, makes me take it off 9 out of 10 times.

  5. Very funny and what a brave actress. I think I would swing a golf club round my husband's head if he grabbed my muffin top like that.

  6. I've worn the most dreadful Spanx tubelike underdress that allows you to wear your own bra. A garment that, no matter your cup size makes you look like Dolly Parton. I felt miserable all night and could hardly breath...

  7. VBiC - too right!

    Ingrid - I tried one of those on ones and it was gross. Just all wrong - and too much to wear. Defeats the object in my opinion.


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