Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Almost Summer over here

I'm reading all about everyone's half term in the UK, and we have less than two weeks till we finish for the summer. Yes, and for three months of summer break.

And as usual, everything's crammed into the last few weeks. The Man-Child is graduating high school which means a lot of arrangements, parties, ceremonies etc. I don't know whether I'm coming or going, partly because I didn't grow up with all this so I don't know the form.

On the last day of school we honor all the graduating seniors with a huge outdoor ceremony for the whole school. It's always a bit lump-in-the-throaty, even when it's not my kids. Unfortunately, when the ex-Queenager graduated in 2011, it was lashing down so we had to have the whole thing in the big gym. Not quite the same atmosphere.

In the evening of the last day there's Senior Prom, for which he has decided to dress normally, that it, we are renting a tux (DJ). Last year for Junior Prom, he wore a white jacket, black shirt, thin white tie, black skinny trousers, and a mohawk. He looked very cool but it's probably not the look you want for your Senior Prom. Oh but he's bought himself red Converse as his nod to Rock n Roll, and his hair will no doubt be going up into the mohawk. Parents go to the pre-Prom party to see the kids off, which means I'm going to have to do something about my nails and find something to wear. The kids have a post Prom party which involves a bus to someone's farm, a sleeping bag and a change of clothes.

The actual graduation ceremony is on the Saturday after we finish school - a serious affair requiring me to find yet another suitable outfit. This is held in the school's lovely auditorium with the world's fiercest air conditioning so I'll probably pull out my parka. Just kidding.

On graduation night graduates and families attend a posh party - (one more outfit). The ex-Q's party was outdoors with a tent affair for tables. Unfortunately it continued to lash down so we were all crammed into the tent, shivering. This year the party is indoors so the weather can do whatever it wants. (That doesn't help my outfit quandry though.)

It's all busy at this end.


  1. The end of high school is always a crazy, busy time - with plenty of outfit quandaries! Congrats to your newest, upcoming graduate.

  2. I miss America at this time of year, that sense of impending summer and hot weather to come....here, meanwhile, it's pouring down all week so half term is a bit of a wash out. Good luck with all the end of term activities.

  3. Gosh that's quite a celebration! To think, my son has left school now with a Sixth Form Leavers' Ball and that's it. No parent involvement at all. I'm not sure which I prefer - I quite like the idea of a little bit of yours thrown into the mix.


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