Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I miss about British summers

And speaking of summers, as we were.... Here's my latest post over at the BBC America web site. Me getting all misty-eyed at the thought of a 99 and a lager shandy!


  1. I agree with all those things..the only thing is, they seem to be so rare these days! I too remember endless sunny days as a student, sitting out at the Avon Gorge hotel in Bristol drinking Pimms (you must remember that too?)

    But Britain has had such a run of rainy summers. This week it is half term and it has rained ALL week. We've had one nice weekend since Easter. You just can't guarantee anything over here. If it was lovely British summer for 3 months, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else though.

  2. You are on the button with talk of pubs and summer evening. Lovely city pubs with hanging baskets, and office workers standing on the pavement enjoying a pint. Peaceful country pubs with gardens of quiet greenness. Yes, those were definitely things I missed when we lived in America.


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