Thursday, July 3, 2014

When to Step Back - Avoiding the Comment Box Brawl

So last month I had a bit of rant about rude commenters. I became embroiled in a small spat over at my BBC America column and decided not to do that again. Since then I have ignored rude comments and just chimed in when someone says something funny or adds information to the discussion. 

My latest column is one about being a Brit in the USA with American children - they things they imitate me for etc. The usually stuff. Not at all offensive to either Americans or Brits 'cause you know, if I"m not bashing Americans apparently I'm bashing expat Brits. I even had to explain, in parentheses, that one word in the title (namely "trial") was tongue in cheek.

Anyway, here's a fun little challenge for you. What would you say in response to "Nate, the traditional American"s comment? He's basically, ever so politely (as he points out) telling me that I'm not parenting my kids correctly and that they're being rude and ridiculous. He goes on to tell me that "I'm a young guy who was raised in a traditional American home that meant good manners, ....." completely missing the point that it's not exactly good manners to criticize me and my kids like this. 

For the record, I just replied "Thanks Nate, I got it.", and he can take from that whatever he has the wits to. 


  1. I think Nate is tripping. Has he ever raised children? I rest my case.

  2. Thankfully we are not expected to reply to commenters at the newspaper I work for. There was something written about this, that people will only start to read the comments and if there is a misunderstanding it just keeps on going in the comment box.

    Good news is they love lots of comments!

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  4. Well, it is up to the individual to bring up their kids in the way they deem fit. Others should not comment about how that differs from the way they feel is right unless some gross misdemeanour has happened.

    We all tend to think that our ways are best but it takes all kinds........
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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